Khaiber-1 rocket in Afula
Photo: Omri Eilat

Hizbullah: We fired Khaibar-1 rockets at Hadera

Terror group says attack on Hadera response to IDF ‘massacres’ in Lebanese town of Qaa

Hizbullah announced on Al-Manar TV Friday night that it attacked Hadera with Khaibar-1 rockets.


The group said in a statement “the attack came in response to the massacres and criminal acts in the border town of Qaa, near the Syrian border.”


At least 33 people were killed in an IAF attack on the town Friday; the Lebanese claim that those killed were farm workers loading produce onto trucks.


Hizbullah initially fired Khaibar-1 (or Fajr-5) rockets a week ago at Afula. The long-range rockets have an improved range of about 100 kilometers (62.1 miles) and are equipped with 100-kilograms of explosives each.


Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened to bomb Tel Aviv during a TV address Thursday night, should Israel attack in Beirut. "If you indeed do this, I say this clearly. I won't use terms I used up to now, past Haifa, but I will say clearly and in a way that is not open to interpretation: If you bomb our capital we'll bomb your capital. We'll bomb Tel Aviv and we can do this."


Just last Monday the IDF revealed new figures showing that Hizbullah's 220 millimeter rocket system has taken a heavy blow. The number of rockets of that type fired at Haifa has gone down from 400 to 200, the army said.


In addition, a senior government source told Reuters that the IDF destroyed two thirds of Hizbullah's Zelzal missiles. 


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