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Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah
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Iraq al-Qaeda chief Abu Hamza al-Muhajir
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Al-Qaeda ups anti-Iranian rhetoric

Sunni jihadis warn against 'Persian empire,' call Nasrallah 'agent of anti-Christ,' declare 'Islamic state' in Iraq

Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has been branded a "worshipper of idols, an agent of the anti-Christ," and "charlatan" by Iraqi al-Qaeda leader Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir in a statement made earlier this month, the full text of which has now become available.


The message, which also contained threats to blow up the White House, forms another escalation in al-Qaeda's increasingly hostile anti-Iranian rhetoric, that has also targeted Hizbullah.


Discussing the actions of US President Bush, Muhajir said in the statement, released by al-Qaeda's al-Furqan Foundation, translated into English by the Al-Boraq Workshop, and reproduced on the Jihad Unspun website:


"He (Bush) turned to the Sham (Syria and Lebanon) and terrorized its tyrant (Basher Assad), who is a Rafidi (Shiite) and a Nusayri (one of Shiite's factions). The blockade continued until he (Assad) had to open his country to hundreds and thousands of Persians to acquire citizenship in it, (so the they can) support the charlatan agent of the anti-Christ, Nasr Allat (a common nickname for Hizbullah's Nasrallah, and meaning a supporter and worshipper of Idols) who is called Nasrallah..."


"Hence, the Old Persian Empire has become complete, extending from the countries behind the river, Iran and Iraq… to the Sham (Syria and Lebanon)," Muhajir said.


The al-Qaeda leader said the United States had become an agent for Iran. "I wonder whether the wise of Romans (Americans) realize that they have become slaves and mercenaries for Persia, and that they are fighting Persia's battles for free," he said.


On November 17, Sunni al-Qaeda followers in Lebanon released a statement on the internet calling on Lebanese Sunnis to prepare for an imminent confrontation.


According to the SITE Institute, a website which monitors Islamist web activity, the statement also said:"Let the Rafidi (Shiites) know that we are ready to fight them with Allah's help and let it be a war. We are more eager for it than they."


Islamic State declared in Iraq  

Meanwhile, al-Qaeda in Iraq has declared the establishment of a Caliphate (Islamic State), in anticipation of the withdrawal of US troops from the region.


"In a long waited step, for which sacrifices were granted and martyrs bloods were shed to achieve its path; the Mujahideen Shura Council in Iraq has announced the establishment of the 'Islamic State of Iraq,' the state of Islam that will rule the law of Allah on people and lands, that will protect the core (center) of Islam and acts as a solid shield for the Sunni people on the land of Iraq," al-Qaeda said in a statement, published on the newly created Caliphate Voice Channel website.


The al-Qaeda site also accused Shiites of working with the United States to kill former Iraqi al-Qaeda leader Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi.


"O monotheist Muslims… O Mujahideen across the world; today we announce the end of a stage of Jihad and the start of a new one, in which we lay the first cornerstone of the Islamic Caliphate project and revive the glory of religion," Muhajir declared.


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