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Diskin. 1,000 terrorists?
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Ghalia family incident
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B'Tselem: Does Diskin view kids as terrorists?

Shin Bet chief says 1,000 terrorists killed in Gaza Strip in past two years. Human rights organization says 816 Palestinians killed in that period, including children

The human rights organizations in Israel and the Gaza Strip were angered by data presented Sunday by Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin during Sunday's cabinet meeting, according to which Israel had killed 1,000 terrorists in the past two years.


The B'Tselem organization expressed its surprise over Diskin's remarks, saying that according to its figures, 816 Palestinians were killed by the IDF in that same period, including 150 minors, 48 of them under the age of 14.


Security sources later corrected Diskin's remarks, saying that 810 terrorists were identified among the casualties, which included civilians.


"Does Yuval Diskin include five-year-old Maria Okal, eight-year-old Aya al-Astal, nine-year-old Yehi Abu Slamia and his five-year-old brother Nasrallah among the list of terrorist?" organization officials asked. "Does the Shin Bet chief refer to the blood of these and other children as the blood of terrorists?"


The Palestinian organizations also refer to 1,000 people killed in two years, but according to them, most of the casualties were civilians. According to Samir Zakkut of the al-Mezan Center for Human Rights in the Gaza Strip, the data presented by Diskin were untrue.


These data, he said, were aimed at serving as excuses "in order to justify the crimes and the killing of civilians.


"All the figures point to the fact that the vast majority of the killed were not armed, but since we are in the 21st century, when no one in the worlds takes the killing of minors and innocent people for granted, the Israeli side needs excuses and lies, even in incidents in which gunmen are killed and innocent civilians are hurt," Zakkut added.


"Why are these people absent from Diskin's data? The Ghalia family from Jabalya, the Atmana family from Beit Hanoun, and the Ghaban family are only a few examples, and therefore it is very easy to contradict Diskin's claims."


According to Zakkut, Diskin's remarks raised the concern that these data were aimed at justifying a future attack, "while we are all waiting for the IDF's talked-about wide-scale operation in Gaza, which will lead to a high number of civilian casualties."


'Resistance improving'

Meanwhile, Abu Mujahad, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, slammed the fact that Diskin took pride in the killing of people fighting for their land and rights.


"If Diskin believes that the Palestinian resistance would suffer from the number of casualties, he is wrong. There were not 1,000 gunmen killed, but even if there were – we promise that 4,000 more have already been recruited to carry on.


"The amount of casualties will not influence the Palestinian resistance. The assassinations are a recruiting factor, rather than a deterring one, and the proof is that the resistance is improving," he said.


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