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Chairman: Mohammad Barakeh


Hadash – the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality – is a left-wing political party formed in 1977, during the time of the eighth Knesset, and defines itself as a 'Jewish-Arab Party'.


The party's original goal was to create cooperation between members of the Israeli Communist Party and other non-members through a new joint platform. At one point in the late 70s, the party joined forces with the Black Panthers.


The party joined forces with Balad prior to the 1996 elections, winning five Knesset seats. The two ended their partnership during the Knesset term, with Hadash holding on to three seats.


In the 2003 general elections, the party joined Ta'al, winning three seats – and again – splitting during the Knesset term, this time leaving it with two seats.


Main platform:

  • Hadash will work towards achieving a full, comprehensive just peace with the Palestinians and the Arab nations.


  • Hadahs supports the evacuation of all Israeli settlements from the West Bank; a full and complete withdrawal from all the territories occupied after the Six-day War, and the establishment of a Palestinian state in said territories.


  • The party will push for full equality for Israel's Arab population; for eliminating any communal or clannish discrimination; and to protect the rights and interest of residents of development towns, as well as of low-income and disadvantaged populations.


  • Hadash will fight for the upholding of democratic rights and liberties; for equality of the sexes in all fields of life; to protect and conserve the environment and for the disposal of weapons of mass destruction.


  • The party will work to protect worker rights; to develop health services, education, housing, welfare, sports and culture. 


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