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Likud party website hacked
Hacker belonging to Muslim group accesses party website, promises more kidnappings of soldiers after return of Gilad Shalit
The Likud party's website ( was hacked on Wednesday by a hacker known as Cold Zero, who is a part of a group of hackers known as Team Hell. The group is known to be as a collection of Muslim hackers, believed to comprise of mostly Palestinian hackers.


The site's main page was replaced with a message, written in Hebrew, with both grammatical and spelling errors, saying "you kill Palestine children in Gaza; we will hack into your websites". Another message on the site said, 'You think Gilad Shalit will be returned? As soon as he is returned, we will kidnap four more like him". They were referring to the Israeli soldier who was kidnapped by Hamas in 2006.


This is not the first time that Cold Zero has hacked the Likud party's website. This would the second time that he has managed to do so. These would not be the only known cases: Between 2003 and 2004 the website has been hacked several times by several different elements.


Despite the media attention given to these hacks, in most cases the damage done is only superficial. The hackers would usually plant their own pages or in some cases change the main page of the site, a practice that is known as defacement.


Israeli websites have been subject to these types of attacks on a day by day basis, though in most cases the attacks are aimed at the smaller sites. Sites belonging to known commercial entities such as the channel 10 website or the bank or Israel website are also targeted. In this instance, the target was the website of the Likud party.


A spokesperson for the Likud party has said that the problem has been dealt with and that people are welcomed to enter the site again.


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