Hizbullah's Nasrallah. 'A great crime'
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Hizbullah voices support for Akko 'resistance'

Following violent clashes between Jews, Arabs in northern Israeli city, Lebanese Shiite organization issues statement condemning 'campaign of aggression organized by gangs of settlers and supported by Israeli occupation regime'

Hizbullah on Tuesday issued a statement condemning "the campaign of aggression in Akko organized by the gangs of settlers with the support of the Israeli occupation regime."


Lebanon's Shiite militia congratulated "the honorable members of our nation who are standing firm in the city of Akko and the villages of northern occupied Palestine."


Hizbullah claimed in its statement that the Arab residents of the northern Israeli city of Akko "are being subject these days to an organized aggression campaign on the part of the settler gangs and the Israeli occupation regimes, aimed at removing them from their land.


"We declare our solidarity with them as they stand firmly and courageously against the Zionists and support their moves of resistance in order to maintain the land and the honor."

Akko riots (Photo: AFP)


The organization went on to blame Israel and the international community for the clashes between Jews and Arabs, which began last Wednesday night.


"We strongly condemn these savage attacks and stress that these moves, which are carried out in coordination with the enemy's police, would not have taken place if not for the international plot against the Palestinian issue and the Arab disregard towards the rights of the Palestinian people.


"These attacks are aimed at completing the plans of the racist expulsion carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities, in addition to the desecration of the holiness of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the turning of part of its sacred territory into a Jewish synagogue."


The statement added that "this is a great crime against (our) proud people. We condemn the international and Arab silence in the face of the racial cleansing and the desecration of Islam's holy sites and renew our call to the Aran and Islamic world to stand effectively by the members of our people in occupied Palestine and provide them with all the defense needed in order to safeguard their land, property and holy sites.


"Everyone must know that the Palestinian people's right is a sacred right which will not be prevented by any attack, and that they will not be able to prevent the return of this resisting and fighting nation."


Syria: Riots proof of Israel's racist policy

Earlier Tuesday, the Syrian government responded to the Akko riots by dubbing the occurrences "an expression of a methodical policy of racism" seeking to eliminate Arab presence in Israel by frightening the sect into leaving the country.


An article published by the state-run Tishrin daily said, "The Akko incidents testify not only to the spreading of racism throughout Israeli society, whose roots date back to the establishment of Israel on Palestinian land, but also to the cancelation of all claims that Israel is an island of democracy.


"Its hate and terror crimes have been known and documented for 60 years. These crimes derive from pure Zionist intentions, rabbinical orders, and conventions of the Zionist movement dealing with the banishment of the other, original land-owners."


On Monday, the police decided to arrest Tawfiq Jamal, the driver who entered an Israeli neighborhood on the holy Jewish day of Yom Kippur, sparking violent clashes between Jews and Arabs. Jamal is suspected of speeding, endangering human life and "harming religious sentiments."


The motorist denied the allegations, claiming that he has been driving at a reasonable pace on his way to visit relatives.


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