Hebron evacuation
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Hebron burning: Settler fire injures Palestinians

Palestinian sources in Hebron say father and his son shot by settlers after security forces clear disputed Hebron house; right-wing activists announce launching of 'price tag' policy, damage Palestinian property in West Bank. Qureia demands international intervention

Palestinian sources in Hebron reported Thursday evening that two Palestinians – a father and his son – were seriously injured from gunshots fired by settlers during the clashes that followed the swift evacuation of the disputed house in the West Bank city.


Both were taken to the Hebron hospital in serious condition. Their neighbor was also reportedly injured from settler gunfire, but his condition remains unclear.The Palestinians said 12 people have been injured by settlers since the evacuation, adding that at least 15 cars were torched in areas near the house, as well as several houses.


A Hebron Palestinian told Ynet that a gunfight erupted about 550 yards from the house: "The settlers began shooting at the home of the Sa'afin family and an elderly woman and one of the neighbors were wounded.


A B'Tselem activist, who witnessed the events, added that a group of settlers fired in the air, and one of them fired directly into the house.


Local sources, security officials and Palestinian activists told yet that it seems all of Hebron was aflame, adding that once the disputed house was evicted, the IDF and the police have become almost completely indifferent to the violence against the Palestinians, and have made no real attempt to stop the settlers from rioting.


Former Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia has demanded that the United Nations Security Council intervene in the situation in Hebron "in order to stop the rioting of the settlers' gangs against the Palestinians."


Shortly after the evacuation, clashes moved to other areas in the West Bank. Riots have already been registered near Qalqilya, Hebron and Ramallah.


Sources in the settler public announced the launching of a "price tag" policy that will be implemented through stone throwing and attacks on Palestinian houses.  


Settlers hurl stones near disputed house (Photo: Dudi Vaaknin)


Senior IDF officials stressed they would act to prevent any such provocations. Meanwhile, Brigadier-General Noam Tibon, commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, has also signed an injunction declaring the Judea region a closed military zone.


The first riots were recorded in the Yitzhar area. Palestinian sources reported that dozens of settlers assaulted residents of the village of Bourin and damaged their property.


The settlers stood at the entrance to the Yitzhar settlement and on a hill overlooking the road between the settlement and the Palestinian village, and hurled stones at Palestinians traveling on the road. Dozens of vehicles sustained damage.


"The soldiers are here not to prevent the setters from hurting us but to stop us from trying to push them back," said Munir, one of the village residents.


He said that when the local Palestinians tried to approach the rioting settlers, soldiers opened fire at them. He warned of a disaster should settlers be allowed to continue throwing stones at moving vehicles.


Near the Federman Farm illegal right-wing activists raided the house of a local Palestinian family and set the field leading up to the house on fire. The residents said that no soldiers or police officers were in sight and that they feared for their lives.


Violent incidents have also been registered in the area of Karnei Shomron and Kedumim, and Palestinians reported of rightists throwing stones at moving vehicles.


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