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Feiglin: Preserve Jewish values
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Temple Mount
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Feiglin: State should demand loyalty of Arab citizens

Moshe Feiglin grants Ynet an exclusive interview following victory in Likud primaries, in which he secured 20th slot on roster, and says there is room to consider withdrawal from UN, as well as eradication of Waqf from Temple Mount

Moshe Feiglin, who landed the 20th slot on the Likud roster recently, told Ynet about his views on Israel's most pressing issues in an exclusive interview Wednesday. His aspirations for the State's future include regaining control of the Temple Mount and perhaps withdrawal from the UN, but not the expulsion of the Arab population.


What should the boundaries of this country be?

"Just as it says in the Likud's constitution: The State should reign over all of the parts of Israel currently in our hands, as we have done in the Golan Heights."


Should Gush Katif be rebuilt?

"I think so, but I know there is no use in returning to Gaza if the public does not believe this region belongs to us. Entering Gaza today means killing our soldiers senselessly… As long as we don't see this place as our own and want to return in order to build it and to stay there, there is no use going back.


"This is also true for the issue of the Qassams. As long as we don't have faith that this country is ours there can be no military solution, not for the Qassams or anything else."


The opinions Feiglin expressed differ from those he has previously presented, calling for the "elimination of Arab hope". In a document published by the Jewish Leadership Movement, over which he presides, Feiglin wrote that "if their hope is to expel us, the elimination of their hope will come when we clarify that we hold all of Israel forever. The elimination of Arab hope will thus eradicate Arab terror."


'Expel Waqf from Temple Mount'

Despite the dangers it involves, Feiglin believes Israel should act aggressively to secure the Temple Mount. "We just have to get the Waqf out of there and leave only the Israel Police," he says.


Should Arabs then be allowed to continue to pray there?

"The Torah says the house of God will be open to all nations – not just Arabs but all of the world's nations."


Though Feiglin has previously trumpeted the idea of transferring all of the Arabs out of Israel, despite admitting that the idea was not practical in times of peace, he has since toned down his message in this respect.


Should the Israeli Arabs be transferred out of Israel?

"Of course not, nor the Arabs of Judea and Samaria. We need to create a situation in which those who are loyal to us can find their place here, and those who are not are encouraged to find another place."


How should the State regard the Israeli Arabs?

"The State should demand that its Arab citizens be loyal to the State of Israel as a Jewish State. The current situation, in which Azmi Bishara still carries Israeli identification and enjoys all of the privileges involved, is maddening."


'Israel UN's punching bag'

What do you think about Israel's global relations? Should we disengage from the UN?

"I think that when most of the decisions made by the UN are anti-Israeli, and Israel has essentially become the UN's punching bag, then we should consider joining countries such as Switzerland, which doesn't feel any particular need to be members of the UN."


What do you think about the peace with Egypt? Should it be canceled?

I don't think you can cancel something that never existed… I think Sadat was right. We're not eating hummus in Damascus but neither are we doing so in Cairo. The difference is that in the Golan Heights we have a more peaceful region, and in the south we are being forced to fortify Ashdod."


'Separate religion from State'

The Jewish Leadership Movement's website has linked Israel's success to its connection with "the God of Israel," presenting religion as an essential condition for the continued existence of the State. However, Feiglin has since taken an uncompromising stance on the separation of religion and state.


What should be the Rabbinate's place in Israel's leadership?

"It should be in no way involved in politics."


Should the laws of the Torah become the laws of the State?

"I am thoroughly opposed to the idea of a Halacha state. I do want to see the laws of the State reflect its national values, however."


What is a Jewish state in your opinion?

"A Jewish state is a state that has adopted Jewish values as its fundamental values… It means being faithful to all of the sacred values thanks to which we have continued to exist, returned to Israel, and established this State."


Who should be seated in the High Court?

"Judges that represent the collective values of the nation… We need a system that is similar to the American system, in which a Supreme Court justice undergoes a public hearing, a system that eventually creates judges that represent the nation's values, and not those of the extreme Left."


What should the education system look like?

"We must stress the issue of Jewish heritage. We need to make sure every child here can recite the prayer 'Shema Israel', get to know the basic texts in the Torah, and as Hanukkah is approaching, know who the Maccabees were – and not just the basketball team."


Since his plunge into politics Feiglin has had to deal with many public inquiries into his often controversial opinions. When asked about claims that he has presented a fascist stance, Feiglin responded: "The fact that on the one hand people berate me for calling for conscientiousness and on the other hand call me a fascist shows that they are not truly examining my opinions, but rather spewing slander."


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