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Bibi Netanyahu
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Livni challenges Netanyahu to a debate

'Public demands candidates present policies on threats Israel is facing,' Kadima chairwoman tells Likud leader in letter. Bibi during tour of settlement: Kadima will continue withdrawals

Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni challenged Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu to a debate ahead of Tuesday's general elections.


"The Israeli public is eager for information on the candidates' plan of action for the coming years," she said Friday, in a letter addressed to the Likud leader. "I am writing to you because thus far you haven't responded to my calls for a public debate. I don't understand what you're afraid of.


"I am certain that it is clear to you as well that a vote based on threats and anxieties is insufficient," the Kadima chair added, "There is a justifiable demand from the premiership candidates to present their policies regarding the threats Israel is facing and how they plan to lead the country towards peace and a better future.


"The public debate is a worthy tradition practiced by the world's leading democracies, and it was also practiced in Israel. I would appreciate your positive reply to my proposal."


During a tour of the Beit Aryeh settlement in the West Bank on Friday, Netanyahu said "Tuesday's elections are about one thing: Whether this place will remain in Israel's hands or whether it will be transferred to Hamas and Iran's control. Thas is the question.


"Kadima says it is going to continue ceding territories to the Palestinians, meaning Hamas, including in the heart of Jerusalem," the Likud chief said. "They plan on returning to the 1967 borders and uproot 60,000 Jews. This is Kadima's plan."


Amnon Meranda contributed to the report 


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