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New record: Married and divorced at 14

Seventeen-year-old teen and his 14-year-old girlfriend declared youngest couple to get a divorce in Israel, after 'mock wedding' they held became legal according to Jewish law because they had sex

A 17-year-old teen boy who gave his 14-year-old girlfriend a ring and pronounced, "You are consecrated to me through this ring in accordance with the religion of Moses and Israel" in the presence of two witnesses, was forced by the Jerusalem Regional Rabbinical Court to divorce her.


The couple's "mock wedding" was proclaimed valid because the two had sexual intercourse and were therefore considered married by Jewish law.


After the young couple held their "wedding," the boy's family became concerned that if they were to break up in the future without obtaining a divorce first, they would not be able to get married again to other people.


They therefore implored their son and his girlfriend to separate legally, but the girl refused, saying she wanted to continue the relationship until she is 17, at which time they would be able to hold a formal wedding.


The boy's relatives then offered her financial compensation, and she eventually agreed after receiving NIS 10,000 (roughly $2,500) from the parents.


The Rabbinical Courts' Executive Council said in a statement that the couple was the youngest ever to receive a divorce in Israel. "The council hopes that following the publication of this incident, in which a foolish act between a boy and a girl has led to marriage and divorce, would stop similar cases from happening in the future."


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