Qassam rocket in Sderot
Photo: Ze'ev Trachtman

6 Qassams hit Negev region

Rocket lands in yard, lodging itself in mud thereby causing little damage, five more Qassams land in open Negev areas ; no injuries reported

A Qassam rocket landed Sunday evening in the yard of a Sderot home. Luckily, because of the recent rain the rocket became lodged in mud, causing only minor damage to the house.


No injuries were reported as no one was in the house at the time. Later two more Qassam rockets landed in open spaces in Sdot Negev Regional Council, and another landed in Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported in the attacks.


The Color Red alert interrupted Sderot Mayor David Buskila while he was honoring a number of basketball players with trophies after a game that took place in the southern city.


"We stopped the ceremony and ran for cover. Unfortunately this firing has been continuing in small doses since the end of 'Cast Lead', because of the lack of a sufficient response," Buskila said.


"If we had responded after the first round of fire we wouldn't be discussing this now, but there is currently no leadership or government in Israel and we are waiting on this issue."


The mayor added that the public must not allow the reality of the rockets to jade them. "I think the residents of Sderot were even getting used to a little quiet, and that's what should be happening here," he said.  

Security forces near hit home (Photo: Zeev Trachtman)


Shortly after the attack on Sderot, another Qassam rocket landed in an open space within the Sdot Negev Regional Council's limits. No injuries or damage were reported.


A third rocket fired from Gaza at around 10:20 pm also landed in an open area in the Sdot Negev Regional Council, and a fourth, fired at approximately 11 pm, landed in an open space in the Eshkol Regional Council. There were no reports of injury or damage in these attacks.


A few minutes later, two more rockets landed in open spaces within the Sdot Negev Regional Council's limits, but caused no injury or damage.    


Since the end of the IDF's 'Cast Lead' operation in Gaza more than 70 rockets and mortar shells have been fired at the Negev and Ashkelon.


Earlier Sunday a Qassam rocket landed between the Shaar HaNegev and Ashkelon Coast regional councils. No injuries or damage were reported.


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared Sunday during the cabinet meeting, "The State of Israel has a broad range of actions that it can take. This range of actions will be exhausted until complete quiet is brought to the south."


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