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Police still probing Rishon Tours case despite indictment

Ynet learns investigators still working on alleged double billing case despite official charges filed against former Prime Minister Olmert. Defense: This is absolutely outrageous

Some two months after former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was charged with various corruption offenses, the police are still investigating one of the cases named in his indictment.


According to information obtained by Ynet on Sunday, the investigation into the Rishon Tours double-billing case is still ongoing, as the company's accountant and the head of the Conference of Presidents have recently been questioned.


The Rishon Tours case focuses on suspicions that Olmert double and triple-billed overseas trips to Jewish institutions, pocketing the difference or financing trips for relatives.


The former prime minister's defense team was furious about the continued investigation, telling Ynet that it was "crossing the red lines."


"This is absolutely outrageous. It's unheard of that an investigation continues after an indictment has been filed. It's absurd and it's crossing very clear red lines. Someone has to wake up and take a good look at the way the State Prosecutor's Office is handling this case," said a defense source.


A senior legal source confirmed that normally, once an indictment has been filed, no additional investigations are required.


Amir Dan, Olmert's communications director, said that "the police and the prosecution have come up with a new system for the Rishon Tours case – indict first and investigate later. This is an attempt by the prosecution to plug the many holes it has in the case."


The Justice Ministry said in response, "Over the past few weeks several investigatory steps have been taking in the connection with the Rishon Tours case.


"These steps involve several individuals connected to the case, including a suspect whose case is still pending. The defense was given all the relevant material and the prosecution has no intention of amending the indictment."  


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