Yaakov Teitel. 'God is proud of me'
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Rivka Teitel. 'Will have to deal with a crisis'
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Teitel's relative: He is a disturbed fool

Brother-in-law of 'Jewish terrorist' indicted of murder, attempted murder and incitement tells Ynet his family 'completely cutting itself off from this man.' A person who does such terrible things should deal with them on his own, he adds

The relatives of "Jewish terrorist" Yaakov (Jack) Teitel were not surprised by the harsh indictment filed against him on Thursday, which includes murder, attempted murder and incitement offenses.


"Ever since the affair was cleared for publication, we have gotten through the first stage of shock and managed to understand that there is some basis to the matter," one of the family members said Thursday morning.


The indictment, filed with the Jerusalem District Court, includes two cases of pre-meditated murder, three cases of attempted murder, and charges of carrying a weapon, manufacturing a weapon, and incitement to violence.


Teitel, 37, a resident of the West Bank settlement of Shvut Rachel, was indicted for the murder of Palestinian taxi driver, Samir Balbisi, in June 1997, and the murder of a Palestinian shepherd just a few months later. He was also charged with laying an explosive device next to a Palestinian home near the West Bank settlement of Eli.


The indictment also claimed that he attempted to poison Palestinian residents of an isolated village near Eli. He was also indicted for attempting to murder the son of a Messianic family living in Ariel when he sent an explosive device disguised as a Purim gift to their home. In addition, he is charged with rigging a bomb next to Prof. Zeev Sternhell's home.


Several Palestinians were saved by chance from additional attempts to hurt them with explosive devices and poisoned water bottles. He was also indicted of distributing leaflets against gay pride parades and praising the unknown assailant who shot two people to death at a gay and lesbian youth club in Tel Aviv and injured several others.


Teitel's brother-in-law, Moshe Avitan, told Ynet: "What else can be said today? We are sad. We are talking about a fool. We didn’t think for a moment that the Shin Bet was making this up. We knew an indictment would be filed and we were not surprised by the charges."


'We are busy rehabilitating'

Avitan reiterated his stand that the family plans to cut itself off from Teitel. "His response at the courtroom this morning proves that the man is disturbed. In any event, we are completely distancing ourselves from this man. A person who does such terrible things should deal with them alone. We have a lot of work to do, each busy rehabilitating our own lives," he said.


Teitel's sister-in-law, Dasi Kreif, commented on the condition of her sister Rivka, the wife of the "Jewish terrorist".


"There was no doubt that an indictment would be filed following these terrible actions. We are trying to go on with our lives, but Rivka will have to deal with a great crisis in her life. It will ruin her life. At this stage she refuses to believe as long as she has not met with him privately, looked him in the eye and asked him. Soon she will begin to understand, and it will be very difficult."


Teitel himself said upon arriving at the Jerusalem District Court on Thursday morning, "It was a pleasure and honor to serve my God. God is proud of what I have done. I have no regrets."


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