Pini Cohen. 'You ruined my life'
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Attorney Boaz Reuven. Representing Cohen
Attorney Yahel Ben-Oved. 'Act of protest'

Indictment issued against Beinish shoe-thrower

In expedited process, Pini Cohen, who threw show at Supreme Court President Dorit Beinish, indicted for injuring judge, disrespecting her status

Aggravated assault, malicious injury, and disrespecting the court – these are the offenses included in the indictment issued Thursday against Pini Cohen, who threw a shoe Wednesday at Supreme Court President Dorit Beinish.


The indictment issued by the police to Jerusalem Magistrates' Court in an expedited process reveals that Cohen was embroiled in legal proceedings prior to Wednesday's incident that reportedly caused him to grow increasingly embittered toward judges in the judicial system.


Cohen said at the beginning of proceedings against him in court: "Justice will prevail." He refused to answer questions, and simply nodded his head when asked if an injustice was done to him.


The court agreed to extend Cohen's remand by five days, after which, it will likely be extended until the end of the legal proceedings.


Cohen's lawyer, Attorney Yahel Ben-Oved, said following the court hearing: "This was a move of protest. There was no intention that things would come this far. At this stage, my client asks to remain in detainment as an act of protest." Cohen is also being represented by Attorney Boaz Reuven.


"I have no doubt that the indicted intended to physically harm the president of the Supreme Court," said Chief Superintendent Attorney Eitan Cohen, head of the prosecutors' department of the Jerusalem Police. He added that the police will ask the court to impose a lengthy prison sentence on Cohen for all the offenses for which he has been indicted.


Chief Superintendent Cohen continued: "We see this incident with great gravity, an incident that justified intense and swift investigation. Our request today to the court is that it lean on the long history of violence and threats, including those made against his lawyer."


"The indicted confessed during investigation and expressed his regret," Chief Superintendent Cohen said. Despite this, he noted that Pini Cohen is dangerous to the public.


The shoe, according to the indictment, hit the president near her left eye and broke her glasses from the force of the throw. She even fell from her chair as a result. The court president bled from her nose and was bruised on her forehead and nose from the attack.


"Through his actions, the indicted attacked the president illegally without her consent and caused her real injury, intentionally and illegally destroyed property, and said something to the president regarding her term with the intention of damaging her status," the indictment stated.


Cohen arrived at the Supreme Court courtroom as Beinish, Justice Eliyakim Rubinstein, and Justice Uzi Fogelman were presiding over a panel on the use of medical marijuana.


Cohen, according to the indictment, sat in the middle of the room, stood up during the hearing, and threw one of his shoes at Justice Beinish as he shouted: "You corrupt person, you ruined my life."


Aviad Glickman contributed to this report


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