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Cohen regrets throwing shoe at Beinish

Man who threw shoe at Supreme Court president tells police act was carried out as revenge following Family Court ruling against him, expresses remorse over incident. In Eilat convention, Justice Minister Yaakov Ne'eman slams incident

Pini Cohen, the man who threw a shoe at Supreme Court President Judge Dorit Beinish on Wednesday, told police in his interrogation that he carried out the act as revenge following a Family Court ruling against him.


He also expressed remorse over the act, and is to stand remand hearing on Thursday.


The incident occurred during a court session on medical cannabis Wednesday morning. Cohen, who was not related to the session in any way, took off his shoe and threw it at Beinish.


The shoe hit the judge in the face and broke her eyeglasses, and she left the room immediately and received initial medical treatment. Cohen was arrested by the court's security guards.


Following the incident, Courts Administration Director Moshe Gal called a press conference, with the participation of Supreme Court Registrar Judge Yigal Marzel.


In the press conference, Gal said, "On such a day, every citizen must be concerned. This is a very serious incident. This is an incident which is extraordinary to any public debate.


"We are in a time when all the boundaries and barriers are being broken. When we thought we had seen it all, we have gone up a level. The entire Israeli society should be worried by the fact that we are on a slope, this is not just about the judicial system, and this matter should be concerning in general."


Gal said the security guards' conduct was appropriate. "I think this is a point that all lovers of democracy should address," he said.


Justice minister condemns act

Justice Minister Yaakov Ne'eman also condemned "the shocking and shameful incident" and said "such an extreme and extraordinary incident does not reflect upon the system".


Speaking at a legal convention in Eilat, he added, "We must condemn this act and this only sharpens the demand for mutual respect among us colleagues, between us and the judges, and between us and our clients."


Shortly after the incident, which was condemned by the prime minister, the president, and other officials, Judge Beinish returned to the session and calmed everyone by saying "everything is alright."


Ynet reported that Wednesday's incident was not the first time Cohen was involved in violence. The shoe-thrower had, on a prior occasion, been present in Beinish's courtroom, and had shouted at her during a session. He was escorted out by security guards.


In another incident, Cohen was sentenced to imprisonment, after assaulting his attorney. He had also allegedly threatened a judge.


Aviad Glickman and Ahuva Mamos contributed to this report


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