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PA skeptical about US-Israel crisis
Palestinians closely following tensions between Obama, Netanyahu on backdrop of building in Sheikh Jarrah. Senior PA official: Americans are not really ensuring that Israel will stop building; we won't enter negotiations like this

The drama taking place on Wednesday in Washington has not gone unnoticed by the Palestinians, but the Palestinian Authority remains unconvinced by what seems to be American pressure on Israel over construction in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.


PA sources told Ynet that as of now there is no change in their position regarding the possibility for proximity talks.


These same sources said that even a declaration that indirect talks will address core issues such as Jerusalem and borders is not sufficient.


"What is necessary in light of the attempt made in recent months is a clear American commitment that building in the settlements will be frozen completely, both in Jerusalem and in the West Bank," they said.


According to the sources, the Palestinian leadership is continuing its consultations, but that as of now the tendency is not to agree to the current conditions for renewing talks.  


Some figures with the PA even claimed that what seems to be a crisis in US-Israel relations is nothing more than a ploy and that there is no real American pressure on Israel.


A senior PA official said, "There is an attempt here to reach a way of working together, but nothing real in terms of settlements. The Americans want to ensure that Israeli conduct won't damage their efforts, but they are not really making sure to anchor this in guarantees that Israel will indeed stop building."


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