Segev. Risk of setting precedent
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Rightist official: Sheikh Jarrah Jews irresponsible

Rightist Jerusalem official slams Jewish residents in Sheikh Jarrah, says debate on ownership of old properties could open Pandora's box

"The entrance of Jews to Sheikh Jarrah is a crazy and irresponsible act," Jerusalem city official Yakir Segev charged Wednesday. 


Segev, who is a well-known right winger, is a Jerusalem city councilman holding the east Jerusalem portfolio. He is a member of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's faction and is also responsible for the promotion of affairs pertaining to the city's younger residents.


Segev made the remarks at Hebrew University during a panel discussion conducted by the Ir Amim organization in collaboration with the student union.


"It's a terrible and crazy idea to open the question of ownership of properties from before 1948. It may open up a Pandora's box," Segev told Ynet. "There are very wide-reaching repercussions and a reverse precedent may be set."


Segev made it clear that he does not oppose Jewish presence in east Jerusalem, but rather, ia against the notion of claiming ownership based on old documents.


"The people who run the procedure and the foundations who stand behind them are causing damage," Segev said, while also criticizing the courts for allowing the process.


Segev was joined by Orly Noy from Ir Amim who noted, "Anyone with eyes in their head sees the moral injustice and the political folly in the Sheikh Jarrah condcut."


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