A. Dr. Rudy in British army uniform, October 1944
B. Anthony (my assistant), July 1945 A.P.C.
C. My jeep, January 1946
D. The Nile next to Aswan, January 1946
E. Celebrating Hanukkah in Land of Israel, December 1946
F. Neve Ilan, December 1947

From Germany to Israel in pictures – part 5

In 1942, Rudy Goldstein joined the British army as a doctor and served in Egypt and Libya. His friends from Massada sent him photos from the kibbutz. In 1946, he was released from the army and returned to a raging land, several days before the end of the British Mandate

1. Massada members begin working land, 1937. Medical care table: Hinda Pendler Burg, Massada's medical assistant for 45 years, and Hanna Lazarovich Naamani Vardi treating the wounded hand of David Sabachnik Maor


2. Kibbutz Massada. Nehama Dershner Hadar and Yehudit Avrahami, watching babies Avinoam Carmi and Yair Rosental


3-4. Children and friends at Kibbutz Massada, 1940s




5. Kibbutz Massada: Kindergarten teacher Hadassah leading the row, member Haike Shaikovsky as the rear guard. The second child from the end is Assaf Shor, today a member of Kibbutz Massada. The second child from the start of the row is Amiram Kaplan. In the middle, smiling to the camera is Yael (Shen) Menser, another kibbutz member (Photo: Yosef Shen)




7. The medical team, March 1944, Weidborg


8. June 1944 (place unidentified)


9-10. Sights in Egypt, June 1944




11. At the synagogue in Alexandria on victory day, May 1945


12. Guards' vehicle near Neve Ilan, December 1947


13-14. Jerusalem, December 1947, terror at the commercial center




15. Jerusalem, December 1947, near Rex Cinema. Eitan Almog's testimony:


"Rex Cinema (in honor of King George VI) on Princess Mary Street (today's Shlomzion Street) was a cinema for the British military and civilian staff, and for the Arabs too. It is unclear whether the December 1947 incident was an act of sabotage or 'just' a fire.


"Eight years earlier, on May 29, 1939, the early Irgun (before its split and the establishment of Lechi) initiated a sophisticated explosion at the Rex, using a coat lined with explosives and a timer. The mastermind was Yaakov Eliav, the Irgun's specialist on the matter. The coat was sewn by tailor and Irgun member Matzliach Nimrodi, who also wore the coat and brought it into the cinema at Eliav's order. The operating mechanism (am antique clock and a tiny battery) was assembled by Haim Korfo."


The late Matzliach Nimrodi told me several years ago, 'I was a man-bomb, like the Arabs who go on suicide missions.' Five Arabs were killed in the explosion, and 18 were wounded. The acts of terror committed by the early Irgun as revenge against the British and Arabs were stopped at Ze'ev Jabotinsky's order after World War II broke out.


16. Jerusalem, February 1948. Burnt ambulance near post office


17. Jerusalem's Neviim Street



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