Heinrich Himmler
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Himmler's daughter helps Nazi escape justice

As member of Nazi charity, SS chief's daughter tries to prevent Klaas Faber's extradition to Holland

News agencies in Britain revealed Wednesday that Heinrich Himmler's daughter is trying to prevent the extradition of Nazi criminal Klaas Faber from Germany to Holland, where he is wanted for war crimes.


Gudrun Himmler, the SS commander's daughter, is attempting to assist Faber as part of her work with an organization called Silent Aid, which helps Nazis escape from trial.


Silent Aid also funded the defense at a trial for Samuel Kunz, another Nazi criminal who died last month before answering for his crimes.


Klaas Carel Faber, 88, was convicted of war crimes in 1947, and a Dutch court sentenced him to life in prison. However Faber succeeded in escaping from the jail five years later and subsequently fled to Germany, where the authorities decided not to try him.


The decision was made, ironically, because of a law devised during Hitler's period which grants citizenship to foreign Nazis.


The 81-year old Burwitz, a mother of two, currently resides in Munich. As a child, she used to visit her father at the concentration camps and eventually received the nickname "Nazi Princess".


The Daily Mail reported Wednesday that Burwitz remained a "daddy's girl" and now devotes her life to his memory by helping his comrades escape justice. She refuses to discuss her membership with Silent Aid but does not deny she works there.


The organization is said to include some 25-40 members and exists thanks to hefty sums supplied by anonymous donors. Founded dozens of years ago, it has so far assisted a number of Nazis, including Klaus Barbie.



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