Burberry. Prestige brand finally here

Burberry opens flagship store in Israel

Prestige brand name stores are uncommon here, but famous British brand known for its checkered pattern decides to make aliyah, opening three-level store in Tel Aviv. Warning: Items cost thousands

Burberry has arrived: The famous British trademark, one of the most recognizable names in the fashion world, opened its doors this week in the State Square at the heart of Tel Aviv. The store will have three levels and spread out over 300 sq. meters (3,229 sq. feet)


British architects have designed it to be the brand's flagship store in Israel, carefully selecting everything in it – from nails to hangers. The fashion house will sell items for women, men and children, from the tailored Burberry London collection and the Burberry Brit collection, which includes swimsuits.


Accessories from the high end Burberry Prorsum collection will also be sold at the store. The Burberry Sport collection will be partially available, probably only carrying summer clothing.


Burberry Tartan Pattern


Seeing as how this is a luxurious and expensive brand, Israeli prices will be similar to the ones overseas. On the Burberry UK online site, women's boots from the Burberry Prorsum are sold for NIS 3,705 (over $1,025). A calf leather bag costs NIS 6,811 (over $1,880) and hobo palisa handbag sells for NIS 6,241 (over $1,727).


The Burberry London collection carries women's and men's trench coats costing NIS 3,391 (over $938) and NIS 5,101 (over $1,411), pencil skirts or cotton shirts go for NIS 1,567 (over $433), and cardigans sell for NIS 2,000 (over $553).


The Burberry Brit collection sells women jeans for NIS 1,111.5 (over $307) and men's jeans for NIS 850 (over $235), an army trench dress for NIS 1,681.5 (over $465) and a short oversize collar jacket goes for NIS 2,821.5 (over $780).


Girls' cashmere coats sell for NIS 1,852.5 (over $512), a heart-shaped handbag for NIS 855 (over $236), boots cost between NIS 484.5 to NIS 997.5 (between $134 to $276), and a newborn outfit costs NIS 541.5 (nearly $150).


Prestige brand name store – rare spectacle in Israel

Opening a high end flagship store in Israel is very uncommon, seeing as how there are not a lot of boutiques, and certainly no high end super brands, in this country. Prestige brands are usually sold here sporadically, in stores which offer a selected assortment of a few brands.


Burberry has chosen Ofra Yaakobi and Yoram Hishin as franchisees, due to their success with the Gucci franchise in Israel. The Israeli flagship store will be run by Mary Yaakobi, Ofra's sister-in-law, along with her daughter Lia.


Burberry fashion house was founded over 154 years ago. Nowadays the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and manufactures clothing, handbags, fragrance and fashion accessories worldwide. 


Burberry is most commonly known for inventing the trench coat and its distinctive and iconic checkered pattern. Recently Burberry has been identified with the Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson, who was chosen to present the brand's fashion campaigns.


The Chief Creative Officer is Christopher Bailey, considered by many to be a fashion icon. The Burberry CEO is Angela Ahrendts, who together with Bailey appears on huge touch screens in Burberry stores, updating the customers about the brand.


Burberry is also a very profitable company. The semi-annual balance data publicized on November 10, 2010 showed a 21% increase in revenues, rising to over $1 billion. It also shows a 50% increase in company profits – reaching over $203 million before tax.


Reuters reported that Burberry stocks have gone up by 6.5%, costing $23.67 per stock, which means the company is currently worth an estimated $7.9 billion.




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