Galant's Amikam homestead
Photo: Shaul Golan
Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo
Photo: Gil Yohanan

'Galant affair punishment for Gaza pullout'

Religious movement SOS Israel demands IDF chief-designate undergo 'self-examination and apologize for his role in disengagement,' which it claims led to current investigation into land dealings

The far right religious movement SOS Israel claims that the land dealings affair involving designated IDF chief Maj.-Gen.Yoav Galant is a punishment from above for his role in the unilateral disengagement from Gaza.


In the weekly pamphlet which will be handed out by the movement in synagogues across the country Saturday, its chairman, Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo, demands that Galant apologize for his involvement in uprooting Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip while serving as military secretary to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.


Rabbi Wolpo wrote: "In a time of thorough investigations which you are undergoing regarding the issue of illegal annexation of property in your land in Moshav Amikam… Our Sages of Blessed Memory say 'There is a judge and there is judgment' and the phrase 'an eye for an eye' takes on a special meaning in light of these events you are going through. The slogan you came up with in (Ariel Sharon's) ranch forum – 'a solution to each settler' - might have helped you in Moshav Amikam but did nothing for thousands of our brothers who where the salt of the earth, valorous, the cream of the crop of Israel society."


In the letter, the designated IDF chief of staff is asked "to have the courage to forgive our deported brothers who were cast off to caravilla camps." Wolpo called on Galant to apologize to the entire Israeli nation for his involvement in creating the "dangerous missile situation from Gaza" and for the "many dead and injured who have paid the price for the irresponsibility."


"This is the time, major general, to publicly announce: 'We have sinned, committed a crime, and we shall do no such things in the future,'" he wrote.


SOS Israel spokesman Shay Gefen said: "With all due respect to Galant, this is the time for self-examination regarding his role during the disengagement from Gaza and for him to publicly ask for forgiveness from the settlers and the Israeli people."



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