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Give Galant a break

Op-ed: Doesn’t man who dedicated his life to army deserve some quiet until inquiry is over?

We should hope for Yoav Galant’s sake that he will not lose the appointment for IDF chief of staff because of construction deviations and the road he paved (or did not pave) on public property.


Not much time will be passing before the story behind this affair is cleared up. The question is whether we can give Galant a little peace and quiet until that time comes; that is, whether even a hint of the right of a person to be held innocent until proven guilty would be accorded to him until the inquiry into the affair is over.


Will we grant a little quiet to a person who joined the army at the age of 18 and has been there ever since then? A man who served as squad commander, and later commanded the Shayetet 13 unit, and later a brigade, and then a division, while leading troops into the line of fire, on cold nights and in distant lands, during wars and special operations, far away from home, while courageously risking his life.


Should those entrusted with the decision on the matter ultimately decide that Galant’s acts do not allow for his appointment as army chief, he should retire from the army. There is no other choice. However, where did the joy at his downfall come from, for heaven’s sake? What did this man do that he deserves this exaggeratedly zealous atmosphere against him?


Is it truly necessary that the inquiry into the facts of the affair shall be undertaken within this ambush-like atmosphere? Does Major-General Galant truly constitute such grave danger to the rule of law? Did he lead a mob family all those years when they told us that he was the IDF southern command chief?



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