Police Commissioner Lior Boker who was killed in Carmel fire
Nava Boker. Filed a complaint
Photo: Avishag Shaar-Yashuv

Rabbi: Officer died in Carmel fire due to past actions

Rafael Bublil links Lior Boker's death to his alleged actions against haredim as Hadera police chief 13 years ago. Boker's wife files police complaint against rabbi

Nava Boker, wife of Brigadier-General Lior Boker who was killed in the Carmel fire disaster last December while trying to rescue prison guard cadets, filed a complaint Sunday against Rabbi Rafael Bublil accusing him of incitement.


In a letter he wrote to Pardes Hanna's Rabbi David Tzedakah, Bublil linked Boker's death to his alleged conduct against haredim as Hadera police chief over 13 years ago.


The two rabbis have a long standing quarrel, and Bublil had previously accused Tzedakah of persecuting his yeshiva students for the past 30 years.


In the letter Rabbi Bublil mentioned a conflict that arose over 13 years ago in Pardes Hanna when a new neighborhood called Neve Rotem was built. A yeshiva was supposed to be built nearby, but the new residents opposed it and both sides protested the issue.


The highlight was a fire that broke out at a Talmud Torah school. The haredim accused their neighbors of setting the school on fire. The police chief at the time, who was head of the Hareda district which includes Pardes Hanna, was Boker.


Bublil addressed these events in his letter saying: "The leftist leaders protested, held rallies on Shabbat, played Brazilian music outside our synagogues. The Meretz leaders declared: 'We have to push so the haredim will leave Pardes Hanna.' Hunderds of officers and helicopters were there on Saturdays and on Jewish holidays – all so they can backup the rallies against us."


The rabbi added: "All this was done under the command of the Hadera police chief who came to live in our neighborhood. In Hanukkah 1997, the leftist leaders entered our Talmud Torah school and set it on fire. Unfortunately you (Rabbi Tzedakah) did nothing to extinguish the fire. On the night of the fire an order was given by the Hadera police chief, who was on location, to arrest yeshiva students who were accused of being associated with the fire! Indictments and blood libels were filed against us."


"The same police chief, exactly 13 years after that fire, on a Hanukkah Shabbat, was sacrificed in the big Carmel forest fire - Brigadier General Lior Boker," wrote Bublil.



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