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Rabbi indicted for sexual assault

Prosecution claims well-known rabbi sodomized, performed indecent act on friend's wife seeking his counseling on family matters

An indictment was filed Tuesday by the Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office against a well-known rabbi accused of sodomizing and performing an indecent act on his friend's wife who was seeking his professional counseling.


According to the indictment, the defendant, a counselor for young couples and a rabbi at a girls seminary, was approached early last month by a haredi couple - his student and good friend and his wife - for counseling on family matters.


During the meeting, the rabbi asked the husband to leave the office, the indictment indicates. The rabbi, who was left in the room alone with the wife, locked the door and began asking her intimate and personal questions on her sex life and sexual preferences. The women, thinking it was part of the counseling, answered his questions freely.


According to the prosecution, the woman had called the rabbi after the initial meeting and requested another consultation to discuss her emotional state. The two met in the rabbi's home a few days later.


The indictment states that the woman mentioned her love of dancing during their meeting and the rabbi in return told her she should "relax and loosen up." He then turned on the radio and instructed her to close her eyes and dance before him. When she refused he told her it was part of the treatment.


Role play, life threats

The rabbi then instructed her to play the role of a prostitute trying to seduce a man and dance before him the way she would dance before her husband. He then asked the woman to remove her clothes, while explaining to her it was another stage of the counseling.


According to the indictment, as she was dancing the defendant got up and touched her, saying: "I'll help you take off your clothes. We're in treatment now, loosen up, no one will know." He then proceeded to remove her blouse against her will.


The rabbi continued to get closer to the woman while rubbing his body against hers. "I now understand what a powerful and sensual woman you are and what a body you have," he said to her and then preformed an indecent act.


The woman cried, asking the rabbi to stop, but he only hugged her and led her to another room in the house as he tried to take off her skirt. At that point the rabbi pressed the woman against the wall and sodomized her.


When he attempted to remove her underwear the woman begged him to stop and left the room. He said to her: "Don't worry, we've both fallen. We must now amend our ways. The important thing is that I didn't sleep with another man's wife. We'll get through it. I guess your husband doesn't satisfy you and that's why I did it."


The defendant is also charged with touching the woman's private parts and threatening to ruin her life if she were to ever tell her husband what had happened. He said: "It's good that it happened with me, otherwise you would have cheated on your husband with another man."



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