Sammy Ofer
Photo: Air Force
Blackhawk helicopter - transferred on Ofer ships?
Photo: Air Force

'Ofer ships transferred arms to Israeli forces in Iran'

Britain's Sunday Times reports that Ofer's ships were used by commando teams in reconnaissance missions against Iran’s secret nuclear sites, allowing Israelis to reach Iran clandestinely

Following the publication of a post on Richard Silverstein's blog claiming that cargo vessels owned by the Ofer Brothers were used to ferry Mossad agents to Iran, military experts told Britain's Sunday Times that it is possible that the ships also carried Blackhawk helicopters which were hidden in modified containers.


According to the British paper, the cargo ships that docked in Iran were used by commando teams in reconnaissance missions against Iran’s secret nuclear sites, allowing the Israelis to reach Iran without arousing suspicion.


Sammy Ofer, 89, who passed away over the weekend, will be laid to rest at the Trumpeldor cemetery in Tel Aviv on Sunday.


Ofer's death came just days after the United States accused his company of breaching sanctions by selling an oil tanker to Iran and aiding in financing Iran's nuclear program.  



A US state department press release stated that the Ofer Group, along with two other shipping companies from Monaco and Singapore were in September 2010 involved in a deal through which they supplied shipping services worth $9 million to Iranian shipping company IRISL.


Last week, Clacalist revealed that between 2004 and 2010 at least four oil tankers owned by the Ofer Group's Tanker Pacific Company docked in Iranian ports.


A Clacalist report also revealed that seven of Tanker Pacific's ships docked in Iranian ports at least eight times at a time when Israel was lobbying fiercely for the US to impose sanctions on trade with Iran.


This at a time when the US said that it would implement severe sanctions against any company that would be found to be in some way involved in trade with Iran, including transport in any way connected with the country's oil industry.



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