Photo: Eli Elgarat
Itzik Shmuli. Contacted and embraced
Photo: Eli Elgarat

'Young people have lost all faith in politics'

Student Union Chairman Itzik Shmuli tells Calcalist conference he has received political offers, but adds 'my initial response was aversion'

Israel's young generation has lost all faith in the political system, Student Union Chairman Itzik Shmuli said Wednesday at the central economic conference held annually by leading financial newspaper Calcalist.


"If, for example, students have to do their military reserve duty and volunteer – they will not make it into a political system that offers no hope for the young people in the current situation in Israel. This is closely connected to the system of government and the lack of leadership by example that characterizes the present system," Shmuli said.


"I have received (political) offers," he imparted. "I was contacted and embraced but my initial reaction was aversion. I want to remain in my own personal, untainted and authentic sphere."


Shmuli's made his remarks when asked what a political party must do in order to win over the student's votes.


He claimed that in order to join what he calls the "new Israelis" and get the students' votes, one must be "someone who does not see reality as a frozen, still picture and when he sees something he doesn't like – does something about it. What we all share is the desire to effect change and do something about the situation."


Shmuli added that "right now, what we have to do – the protestors, the government, Trajtenberg – is to come up with solutions that Israel society wants to see. I myself have a question or two as regard to the Trajtenberg Committee. Eventually, if its mandate is too narrow, than it will amount to a fleeting episode.


"I know Trajtenberg neither from yesterday nor from two days ago. Yesterday I told him that if he is restricted by his mandate, I hope that he will invoke the revolutionist from Cordoba and not the economy scholar from Harvard." 


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