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Will PA's UN vote be held on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur?

Foreign Ministry receives reports Palestinian move an attempt to neutralize Israel's ability to speak before the assembly or exert pressure behind the scenes

The Palestinians are considering bringing their statehood bid for a vote at the UN on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur, two of the holiest days in the Jewish calendar, according to reports that have reached the Foreign Ministry.


By doing so, the Palestinians hope to neutralize Israel's ability to speak before the assembly or exert pressure behind the scenes, Yedioth Aharonoth reported.


More on the PA's UN bid:


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to address the forum on September 23rd. However, there is still uncertainty as to when the actual vote on Palestinian independence will take place.


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Jews pray at the Western Wall on Rosh Hashana (Photo: Reuters) 


One of the dates that is repeatedly heard is September 27, a day before Rosh Hashana. However, new information suggests that it might take place during the holiday itself.


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If the vote is held on Yom Kippur, there will not be a single Israeli diplomat at the UN.


Meanwhile, the identity of Israel's main speaker at the forum has yet to be decided. On the one hand, the importance of the event merits a Zionist speech by Israel's best speaker - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On the other hand, a speech by the prime minister may be perceived as a move driven by panic and would only bolster the Palestinian cause.


In a meeting held earlier this week, Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres agreed that the latter would head to New York if the prime minister decides to stay home.


Before he decides, Netanyahu is also waiting for the outcome of the American and European lobbying efforts in an attempt to reach a compromise between Israel and the Palestinians.


'All agreements will be nullified'

Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon on Tuesday sent a harsh message to the Palestinians. "What goes on in the UN is virtual reality," he said. "If the Palestinians declare statehood in an independent, unilateral and blunt manner it will nullify all the agreements that have been reached."


Ayalon will travel to Washington on Wednesday ahead of the General Assembly meeting.


Addressing possible steps Israel may take in response to a Palestinian move he said, "Israel reserves the right to act according to its interests. We shall weigh our steps from cutting funds to changing status in the territories.


"It’s not unthinkable to reconsider our attitude towards lands that will in any case remain under Israeli sovereignty, like east Jerusalem and the big settlement blocs. One can boost settlement in such places."


Meanwhile, it was revealed that US President Barack Obama's envoys Dennis Ross and David Hale will return to the Middle East this week in an effort to restart peace talks.


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: "We need an environment that is conducive to direct negotiations. We all know that no matter what happens or doesn't happen at the UN, the next day is not going to result in the kind of changes that the United States wishes to see that would move us toward a two-state solution that we strongly support.


"The only way of getting a lasting solution is through direct negotiations between the parties, and the route to that lies in Jerusalem and Ramallah, not in New York."

She said "the issue is not simply that action in New York will not bring peace and stability, but it will create more distractions toward achieving that goal."


Ilana Curiel and AP contributed to this report 




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