Rabbi Dov Lior
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Destruction in Migron
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Rabbi Lior: Arabs are 'evil camel riders'

Kiryat Arba rabbi says Israel's international isolation, hatred of Jews worldwide are punishment for demolition of three houses in Migron outpost

Israel's international isolation and the hatred of Jews worldwide are the punishment for the demolition of three houses in the Migron outpost two weeks ago, Kiryat Arba Rabbi Dov Lior ruled Monday during a conference held at the Binyamin region community.


"We all saw that on the day the buildings were destroyed the diplomats were expelled from Turkey, and the Egyptians were next and later the Jordanians," the prominent right-wing rabbi stated. "The waves of anti-Semitism in Europe are a punishment for this as well."


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According to Lior, every time Israel tries to "please the villain," its status in the world suffers.


He went on to slam the Israeli Left. "There are circles of villains seeking to give away parts of this land to our enemies. Luckily, God Almighty causes the camel riders to refuse to meet with the government…


"There are leftists fighting the people of Israel's return to their land… They have put the public to sleep with opium of peace… The Hollywood culture and singing in discotheques will not do good, but bad."


The rabbi referred to the Arabs as "wolves", adding: "What we have with those villains and savages is not peace, and it won't be peace. It's against their nature. They hate peace."


He called Israel should be cleared of Arabs, who should be given a right of return to places like Saudi Arabia. "The Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel only," he ruled.


Migron, Lior said, is not an occupied area, neither according to international law nor according to the Torah. If it is indeed an occupied area, he argued, then so is the village of Sheikh Munis (where northern Tel Aviv is located).


According to Rabbi Lior, the people of Israel benefit from the recent events in the Middle East because "everything happens for a reason." He noted that thanks to "the hooligans' riots in Libya, Egypt and Yemen" and the West's involvement in places like Iraq, Israel can "move a tank" in Judea and Samaria.


'Deeply shocked' by destruction

Some 20 Religious Zionism rabbis, some of them prominent, took part in the Migron conference, which was held by two rabbinical organizations – Derech Emunah and the Teaching House for Public Affairs.


Rabbi Haim Drukman cried out against the "rules of Sodom" and the injustice in removing families from their homes in the middle of the night because of a "property error".


Rabbi Zalman Melamed called on the religious public to join forces – first among the rabbis and then among the public and its representatives in the Knesset – in order to thwart the further destruction of communities and continue their construction.


At the end of the rally, the rabbis issued a "public call" to annex Judea and Samaria to the State of Israel and apply the Israeli law to the area.


The participants expressed their "deep shock" over the demolition of houses in Migron, claiming that the residents were not given a real chance to prove the legitimacy of the construction to the Supreme Court.


They also called on the justice minister to prosecute anyone "who in his eagerness to destroy, deviated from the appropriate procedures in a normal country."



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