The 'Bridge'
Photo: Avishag Shaar-Yashuv
Navy unveils new training technology
INF's new 'Bridge' simulator allows marine forces to gear for terror attacks at sea; said to enable all-scenario simulations

The Israel Navy unveiled new anti-terror technology over the weekend, which will allow Israeli marines and commandos to thwart terror threats at sea more efficiently.


The Navy's new simulator – the "Bridge" – was made operational over the past few weeks and has quickly become a staple of the marine forces' training.


The system includes 20 plasma screens and an array of auxiliary control panels, joysticks and electronic gadgets, allows for all-case-scenario training, and is meant for cross-corps use – navel, commando and submarine forces. It is now part of all cadets' training in the navy.  


גשם, חושך וגם פיגוע משולב. הסימולטור מכשיר את כולם (צילום: אבישג שאר ישוב)

Gearing for all-case-scenario (Photos: Avishag Shaar-Yashuv)


The "Bridge" is deployed in three rooms, allowing cadets to simulate various daily scenarios, both for peace and war time. It creates accurate three-dimensional images of Israel's various coastlines, as well as its neighbors shores, and allows the cadets to experience the field in all sectors – including enemy territory.


Stepping on maritime toes

"There are no fences at sea and naval officers have complete autonomy," Captain Adam, head of a naval training base, told Ynet. "The simulator affords the commanders the freedom to shape the operational considerations they will need to employ in their sectors – without actually going out to sea.


"The system provides a complementary angle to the exercises we do at sea and it installs a great deal of confidence in the officers," he said.


20 מסכים בסימולטור אחד. מגביר את דריכות החיילים (צילום: אבישג שאר ישוב)

Gadgets galore. Part of the "Bridge"


The "Bridge" allows cadets to practice various military identification protocols – from a merchant marine vessel, through a hostile ship trying to pass as an aid vessel, to an outright enemy assault – as well as sift through intelligence and would-be intelligence discrepancies.


The system also allows for radical, battle simulations such as a scenario when an enemy vessel tries to ram a navy one, or a navy ship finds itself surrounded by enemy vessels; as well as for extreme weather simulations.


"Simulation exercises are meant to mimic the conditions we encounter in open waters and they keep us on our toes," Roee, a naval cadet, told Ynet. "We assume battle stations, man the weapon systems and with the exception of the engine noise – it's pretty much the same."


The drills, he added, "Save us valuable time dealing with things we can't really train for in the field."






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