Social protest leaders head for round 2
Photo: Assi Cohen

Social protesters to launch 'nation's strike'

Labor Union chief set to announce labor dispute as social protest leaders prepare for what they claim will be first nation strike in history of State of Israel over disappointment with Trajtenberg Report

Just a day after the conclusions of the Trajtenberg report were approved by the cabinet, the social protest leaders are already planning their next move; on Monday they announced mass rallies to be held on October 29 and then on November 1 as part of "the first nation's strike".


On Tuesday Labor Union Chief Ofer Eini is set to announce a labor dispute, a move that means he will be able to launch a general strike in two weeks time. It appears the protestors' moves have been coordinated. Meanwhile, the students have also announced that they are considering banning the opening of the 2011-12 academic year.


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Members of the social protest campaign convened on Monday and agreed to hold massive rallies at the end of the month, the first since the "million man march". They stated that it would be "a last call to the prime minister to respond to the protesters' demands". Yet their "crowning glory" is set to be the strike which they have called "another phase in the historic struggle for social justice".


The protest leaders said that it was their intention to attach "as many citizens, businesses, societies, institutions and social organizations as possible" to the strike.

המפגינים יחזרו לרחובות? "קריאה אחרונה לראש הממשלה" (צילום: AFP)

The last mass protest - 300,000 took part (Photo: AFP)


"We call on the public throughout the country – students and employees – to strike for one day as an act of protest against the harsh social situation in the country and the government's gross disregard of the wave of protests. On November 1 we will each strike for our own personal hardship, but also to identify with each other's hardships. We will never again be alone."


Daphni Leef, who took part in the meeting, said: "We all took to the streets because we are collapsing. For three months we have been crying out and no one is listening in the government that is supposed to serve us, to be attentive and anxious for us and our futures.


"Three months of justified protest, of demands for social justice. On November 1 we will show them that we, the citizens have the power and we can stand up and strike."


She went on to mention what she claims are the unsatisfactory results of the protest, the Trajtenberg report: "Last summer we took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands and protested against the shattering economic policy.


"Even though it was clear to everyone that we are the overwhelming majority of the people, what did we get in response? More of the same unbearable disregard, more of the same destructive policy more distance between the citizens and the government."




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