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Shalit handed over to Egypt
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Shalit shirt becomes fashion trend in Gaza

Gaza stores, markets offer latest trend – plaid shirt Gilad Shalit wore during handover to Israel - for NIS 60

The first image of Gilad Shalit out of Gaza has captured the attention of many in Israel and around the world. Shalit was led by Hamas men wearing civilian clothing including a plaid shirt. But while most focused on his gaunt frame, it appears many Palestinians were more interested in his outfit, which became an immediate trend in Gaza.


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Merchants in the Strip are now offering "The Shalit shirt" in a wide range of colors, for NIS 60 ($16.5). The demand, it seems, is very high.

מימין: שליט בראיון לטלוויזיה המצרית. משמאל: החולצות למכירה (צילום: EPA)

Right: Shalit interviewed by Egyptian TV. Left: Shirts on sale in Gaza


Evidence of the new fashion trend can be found on Facebook where at least 10 pages have been created in the last few days devoted to "Gilad Shalit's shirt." Thousands of web surfers have become fans.

אחד מחברי הקבוצה בפייסבוק העלה תמונה וכתב: "מצאו את ההבדלים"

Facebook group member uploads photo comparing himself to Shalit


One page stated, "The Shalit shirt has become the shirt of the month in Gaza – it is being sold for NIS 50." A surfer wrote, "If there was a company producing this shirt in large quantities they will run out."





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