Ali Akbar Salehi
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Iran demands UN censure of Israel, US 'threats'

Islamic Republic urges UN to officially denounce Washington, Jerusalem over their reported threats to strike Iran's nuclear facilities; say such statements 'violate international law'

The pot calling the kettle black? Iran on Saturday lashed out at the US and Israel over their reported threats against Tehran, saying that the "military threats are a blatant violation of international law."


"The threats by the US and Israel violate the international laws," Iranian Ambassador to Uruguay Hojjatollah Soltani told the Fars news agency, adding that all international organizations, including the UN, must condemn the belligerent rhetoric.


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"The UN by condemning the US and Israeli threats should prove to the world that it really belongs to all countries and nations and is not controlled by a few specific countries," he said.


Tensions between the West and Iran are growing, over the latter's refusal to heed to IAEA regulations or the West's demands that is suspend its nuclear work.


Anti-US rally in Iran    (Video: Reuters)


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Iran claims its nuclear program serves civilian interest, but it is widely believed that Tehran's atomic efforts are of a military nature.


Recent weeks have been riddled with reports concerning a possible strike against Iran, whose obstinacy is wearing the West's patience thin. Iran in return, has warned that any strike – especially one mounted by Israel – would meet a "brutal response."


The United States has also stressed that military action is an option for the White House. A US military official has been quoted over the weekend as saying that "the biggest threat to the United States and to our interests and to our friends in the region... is Iran."


Iran has warned in the past that if it is threatened, it could close the Strait of Hormoz, which hold great strategic importance as the gateway to the Persian Gulf.


Meanwhile, the IAEA is poised to release its latest report on Iran, which sourced privy to its draft say concluded that the Islamic Republic has made computer models of a nuclear warhead.


Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Saturday that the evidence which the UN plans to release was "a fabrication."


Salehi said that the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency had given in to US pressure to level accusations against Tehran.


"The Americans raised documents like this in the past: the Niger scandal", he said, in reference to claims made prior to the 2003 Iraq war, based on a forgery, that Baghdad had sought uranium from Niger.


AP and Reuters contributed to this report




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