'Assad a liar'
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Live on Lebanese TV: Politicians brawl over Assad

(Video) Lebanese TV show forced to cut broadcast after anti-Syrian former Lebanese parliament member, Ba'ath party member clash over comments claiming Assad is 'a liar'

VIDEO - A former Lebanese parliament member caused a storm Monday when he called Syrian President Bashar Assad a liar live on Lebanese television. The statements led to clashes between the former parliament member Dr Mustafa Alush, an anti-Syrian politician, and Dr. Faez Shakor of the Ba'ath party.


Speaking on Lebanon's MTV Alush said: "I don't believe him, Bashar Assad. I just don't believe him." To which Shakor responded with: "Who are you to not believe President Assad?"


Live on Lebanese TV, watch politicans brawl


The conversation grew heated with Shakor calling Alush a "liar" and Alush claiming Shakor was "collaborating with (Syrian) intelligence."


At this stage, Shakor attacked Alush and threw a glass of water at him. The unfortunate presenter tried to separate the two and asked them to calm down, but at this point Alush had already picked up his chair with the intention of throwing it.


One of the stage workers then came into play, the broadcast was halted and the show took a commercial break.




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