Grim assessment – Yadlin
Photo: Yaron Brener

Ex-intel chief: Iran has enough material for 4-5 nukes

Former IDF Intelligence Chief Yadlin provides grim assessment of Iranian progress, calls for cooperation with states 'more capable than Israel'

Iran currently possesses enough materials to produce four to five nuclear bombs, former IDF Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin warned Tuesday.


Yadlin, who retired from the army about a year ago, said that in case of an Israeli-Iranian flare-up, "there will be international elements that restrain it."


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Upon assuming the post of head of the Institute for National Security Studies, the former IDF general said that "should Iran declare that it possesses nukes, Israel will have more options at its disposal and won't be alone. We should maintain open channels with those possessing military capabilities that are better than Israel's."


Turning his attention to the so-called secret war against Israel, Yadlin said "things are happening in Iran that are being blamed on the United States and Israel. These things apparently aim to cause delays in the Iranian program."


"A nuclear Iran is an existential threat, but I’m not saying that once they have nukes they will attack Israel," he said.


As to possible Iranian retaliation for an Israeli strike, Yadlin dismissed Iran's threat to fire 150,000 missiles at Israel.


"There are no 150,000 missiles, and there is a difference between short-range rockets and long-range ones," he said. "Most of them are inaccurate and their chances of hitting the targets they were aimed at aren't high."






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