Iranian protests set fire to UK flag
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UK's Foreign Secretary William Hague
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UK embassy in Iran under attack
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Iran: UK will suffer consequences of envoy's expulsion

Europe pressures Iran after UK embassy attack, as Islamic Republic's parliament member threatens Britain will suffer for its decision to expel Iranian diplomats

Europe is turning on the pressure on Iran , as the Islamic Republic strikes back: Iranian parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Aladdin Burucerdi warned Wednesday that the UK will suffer "the consequences" of its decision to expel Iranian diplomats stationed in London following the storming of its embassy in Tehran on Tuesday.


Following the announcement by UK's Foreign Secretary William Hague on Wednesday, Burucerdi called other European countries to avoid taking similar measures, after Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy had already taken diplomatic steps against Iran.


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"We recommend that other European countries avoid following in Britain's and the Unites States' footsteps," Burucerdi said. "The parliament approved downgrading the diplomatic relations with Britain but Iran's public is pleased that the British diplomats are no longer in Tehran."


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Earlier, Iran said Britain's decision to close the Iranian embassy in London was "hasty" and that it would lead to further retaliation: "The foreign ministry spokesman ... described the move as ... hasty and added that naturally the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran would take further appropriate action regarding the issue," Tehran's state TV reported.


Meanwhile, the Iranian news agency Fars reported that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had spoken with his British and Iranian counterparts in an attempt to defuse the growing tension between Tehran and London. It was also reported that Davutoglu is set to meet with Iran's Atomic Energy Organization and Foreign Minister Ali Akhbar Salahi, in an upcoming conference in Saudi Arabia.


Envoys recalled

Tuesday's attack on the British Embassy in Tehran, which saw hundreds of protesters storm the compund, followed Britain's decision to impose further sanctions on Iran over its adamant refusal to suspend its nuclear program.


In light of recent events, the UK's Foreign Secretary announced the Iran's envoys must leave the country within the next 48 hours. Meanwhile, British diplomats in Iran have returned to their homeland.


Hague had claimed that the Iranian regime was involved in the attack or at least turned a blind eye during the violent rioting, which lead to the UK imposing sanctions on the Islamic country.


This chain of events led France, The Netherlands, Italy and Germany to also recall their diplomats stationed in Iran for consultations. France even called to blockade Iran's oil as the Italian foreign minister noted Europe and the US are seriously considering that possibility. Rome said it was mulling closing its embassy in Tehran, as Norway did earlier.


Meanwhile, police in the Swiss capital Bern have arrested two young men for throwing incendiary devices and stones at Iran's embassy. A police statement says the attack happened Wednesday afternoon and the embassy suffered no damage.


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