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Hezbollah: We foiled Israeli spy operation

Terror group says it exposed Israeli espionage device in south Lebanon, causing 'Zionist enemy' to bomb equipment with unmanned drone

Two people were injured after an explosion was heard in southern Lebanon towns  Friday – a blast that may have been caused by an IDF drone, the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star reported.


Addressing reports on the incident, Hezbollah said in a statement that it "has thwarted an Israeli spy operation by uncovering a wireless device in a valley between the towns of Srifa and Deir Kifa."


The terror group claimed that after the device was exposed, "the Zionist enemy bombed it with a drone. No operative was hurt." 


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Earlier, a website associated with the organization said that the IDF bombed an Israeli espionage facility that has been exposed. According to the report, IAF combat planes launched a strike on the equipment after it became evident it has been uncovered.


A Lebanese security official told local reporters that the blast occurred around 2 pm, saying that IAF planes were seen in the region. He speculated that the aircraft's appearance was connected to the explosion.


A different security official said that the incident occurred in a Hezbollah stronghold. Others reports estimated that the blast was tied to a Hezbollah operation, and not an Israeli strike. The Daily Star cited security sources as saying that the explosion may have taken place near an arms depot belonging to the organization.


The IDF did not immediately comment on the reports.


Last week, Lebanese media outlets said that a massive explosion rocked a Hezbollah stronghold near the town of Siddiqin in southern Lebanon. The blast was alleged to have occurred at a secret Hezbollah arms cache. The organization closed the area off to local security forces.


On Monday night two Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon at the western Galilee. No one was injured, but damage was caused to property.




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