Tanya Rosenblit
Photo: Tzvika Tishler
Minister Daniel Hershkowitz

Tanya Rosenblit receives death threats

Woman who ignited battle against degradation of women on public transport and who refused to sit at back of the bus tells inter-ministerial committee that she has been receiving death threats

Tanya Rosenblit, the Ashdod resident who refused to sit at the back of a bus despite the demands of ultra-Orthodox passengers - thus igniting the battle against the degradation of women on public transport - has been receiving threats on her life.


On Wednesday she alerted the inter-ministerial committee on women's exclusion that she has been receiving the threats.


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According to Rosenblit, the threats were received through the phone, Facebook and in her emails. In light of the threats, Rosenblit turned to the Tel Aviv police department. Speaking to Ynet, she confirmed the details but refused to elaborate.


רוזנבליט. הציתה מחאה (צילום: צביקה טישלר)

Tanya Rosenblit (Photo: Tzvika Tishler)


Following the bus incident, haredim in Ashdod claimed that Rosenblit acted in a provocative manner and even threatened to take her clothes off.


Minister Daniel Hershkowitz, a committee member, suggested Wednesday that back doors on buses be blocked: "We cannot allow a situation whereby people ask women to sit at the back of the bus."


The minister suggested that bus drivers be forbidden from opening the back doors as a way of battling the phenomenon. "Once the back doors open, a haredi woman needs to muster a lot of courage to move to the front of the bus," he said.


The committee, headed by Minister Limor Livnat (Likud), deals with gender segregation and the exclusion of women in the public sphere. It is examining ways to curb the phenomenon, including imposing fines on municipalities and private companies that permit the exclusion of women.


The committee has also instructed the Ministry of Religious Affairs to publish updated directives that would allow women to deliver eulogies in all cemeteries in Israel.


Shlomo Fuchs, the haredi man who is accused of sexually harassing IDF soldier Doron Matalon after she refused to sit at the back of a public bus in Jerusalem, told Ynet Monday, "She stood amidst the ultra-Orthodox men. It's the most basic concept: A woman should not stand amidst men, just like no woman would go into a men's bathroom. So I called her a slut."




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