Paratroopers Brigade soldier Amihy Zoaretz

IDF soldier: Burn all leftists, Arabs

Paratroopers Brigade soldier Amihy Zoaretz publishes Facebook statuses calling for 'death to leftist traitors' prior to arrest over involvement in Ephraim Brigade base raid

Amihy Zoaretz, a soldier from the Paratroopers Brigade's 890th Battalion was arrested by Military Police earlier this week on suspicion he disclosed information to right-wing activists who were charged with organizing last month's raid on the Ephraim Spatial Brigade base in the West Bank.


The investigation against Zoaretz is still ongoing. The soldier is not cooperating with investigators and, according to his attorney, has denied the allegations. However, his Facebook page reveals his radical views.


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On his Facebook wall Zoaretz shared the following statuses in recent months: "I've come to the conclusion that the Maccabees were the 'price tag' of today," "Death to all leftist traitors and to our Arab enemies," "We should burn all the Arabs and transfer them to the sky," "We've gone out to Kahane in Tapuach, this time we'll try not to get arrested," "May all the policemen, Yassam people and especially the Civil Administration burn!! Revenge."


יימח שמם של הבוגדים. עמיחי זוארץ מכוון

Paratroopers Brigade soldier Amihy Zoaretz


Even his profile picture features the symbol of far-Right party Kach, which was banned in 1994 and is considered a terror organization. His Facebook wall is filled with statuses voicing his critical opinion of leftists, Arabs and the razing of outposts by the IDF.


Zoaretz also wrote against the Gilad Shalit swap deal, calling to "kill all the leftists including the Shalit family."


Over Hanukkah he wrote: "Shabbat Shalom to all and a happy holiday. May we get to burn the Arabs and leftists and then keep the Commandments of Hanukkah and watch them burn."


'Army of traitors'

In another instance he jotted: "I think we should burn all the Arabs and just transfer them to an apartment in the skies! Where were all the leftists when the synagogue in Ramallah burned down. May the names of all the traitors be blotted out."


השחתת רכוש בבסיס החטיבה המרחבית (צילום: יואב זיתון)

IDF vehicle after raid (Photo: Yoav Zitun)


Referring to the removal of the Star of David symbols from ambulances in the West Bank, Zoaretz stated: "An army of traitors, erasing the Star of David and the sign of God the king!"


According to the allegations, the soldier relayed information to rightists who raided the Ephraim Bridage's base in protest against the government's plan to evacuate illegal outposts in

the West Bank.


Zoaretz is one of two soldiers arrested for allegedly relaying such information to rightist extremists who organized the riots at the base.


According to an indictment filed in relation to the case, the two had gathered intelligence on the movement of army forces in the area with the help of about 30 informants, some of them IDF soldiers serving in the region.


The information was relayed to the rightists via text messages and phone calls, the indictment said. The rioters also obtained confidential aerial images and codes which shed light on the Ephraim Brigade's activity.


According to the indictment, the informants disclosed to the rightists the exact time the army was planning to evacuate Ramat Gilad. Based on this information, the rightists mobilized dozens of other activists who eventually raided the Ephraim Brigade base and blocked the road leading to it with burning tires and boulders.


The commander of the base and his deputy were lightly injured during the riot.




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