Asma Assad

'Asma, your husband murders and you worry about style?'

Ongoing Syria violence leads diplomats' wives to launch creative initiative with goal of appealing to heart of Damascus' first lady Asma Assad. 'For the sake of your people. Stop your husband'

The violence in Syria continues and the international community's failure to take action to solve the crisis and bring an end to the killing of innocent civilians has led a group of women to launch a creative initiative with the goal of appealing to the heart of the Syrian leadership - the first lady of Syria – Asma Assad wife of Bashar Assad.


A four-minute clip, posted on YouTube by the wives of the ambassadors of Britain and Germany to the UN call on Asma to stop her husband from continuing the killing in Syria.


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The Daily Mail reported that the clip alternates pictures of the stylish 36-year-old Asma Assad with horrific scenes of Syria's conflict and its victims. Graphic photographs of children killed or tortured in the more than year-long conflict in which more than 9,000 people have died also appear.


 Youtube clip calls on Asma to take action


The petition letter which accompanies the clip states: "Some women care for style... and some care for their people. Some women struggle for their image and some women struggle for survival. Some women have forgotten what they preached about peace and some women can only pray for their dead.


"Some women pretend that they have no choice and some women just act. What happened to you, Asma? Hundreds of Syrian children have already been killed or injured. One day, our children will ask us what we have done to stop this bloodshed. What will your answer be, Asma?"


"יש נשים שנאבקות על תדמיתן" 

Struggling for her image? Asma Assad


"Stand up for peace, Asma. Speak out now. For the sake of your people. Stop your husband and his supporters. Stop being a bystander. No one cares about your image. We care about your action," the petition letter read.


If that is not enough, the ambassadors' wives also tried to pull at Asma's heartstrings: "Asma, when you kiss your own children goodnight, another mother will find the place next to her empty. These children could all be your children. They are your children."


In response to the clip the wife of Britain's ambassador to the UN Lyall Grant told the Al-arabiya network: “This started as a private, personal initiative from Huberta and me - independent of the UN or our governments. We only launched it this morning and since then it’s grown exponentially, which shows how women all over the world, from all walks of life, have supported this message."




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