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Poll: Bush worst among living US presidents

CNN poll reveals that former US president George W. Bush is only living president with less than 50% favorable public opinion. Economy, Iraq war deciding factors

WASHINGTONGeorge Bush Jr. may have a good reason to be keeping a low profile. Last week the former US president visited the White house with his wife Laura for a ceremony to unveil his portrait which will be placed side by side with the portraits of all the former US presidents.


Bush may also attend a dinner in honor of President Shimon Peres but other than that, the 43rd president of the United States makes rare public appearances, mostly at paid lectures.


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The Republicans' presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be trying to dissociate himself from his predecessor during the campaign while Obama's campaign has already sought the assistance of the especially popular former President Bill Clinton, mentioning him whenever possible.


ההיסטוריה תשפוט אותו? בוש (צילום: רויטרס)

Not very popular: George W. Bush (Photo: Reuters)


The war in Iraq and more importantly, the global financial crisis are the two reasons that Bush Junior's public appearances are few and far between.


The former republican president has said that history will judge him, but according to a CNN poll which was published on Thursday, the American public is already judging him and has decided that from among the living US presidents, he is the worst. Worse even than Jimmy Carter who is considered by many to be one of the worst US presidents.


According to the poll, 43% of the people questioned had a favorable opinion of Bush, with 54% saying they had an unfavorable view of the former president.


Bush's 43% favorable rating is the same as it was in the 2010 CNN poll, but is up from his mid-30's favorable rating during 2009, his first year out of the White House.


Bush's predecessor Bill Clinton has a 66% favorable rating in the poll while Bush's father, George H.W. Bush, received a 59% rating and even Jimmy Carter received a positive rating of 54%.


CNN Polling Director Keating Holland noted: "Don't be surprised if the Obama campaign mentions the name of George W. Bush at every opportunity, and don't be surprised if that strategy works."


The Obama-Romney race which will be decided in November is expected to focus on the harsh economic situation and the unemployment rate which is currently at over 8.2%.




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