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'Olmert must be accused of moral turpitude'

Senior attorney at Central District State Prosecutor's Office estimates former PM's acquittal of main charges will cause prosecutors to reconsider charging senior state officials in coming days

Senior State Prosecutor's Office official Attorney Anat Savidor-Goldenzweig leveled harsh accusations against the Jerusalem District Court following Ehud Olmert's acquittal of two major corruption charges.


Speaking at a Bar Association conference in Eilat, she said it was "unclear" how the trial ended with an acquittal and estimated that members of the prosecution will fear indicting senior state officials. Savidor-Goldenzweig also claimed that Olmert must be accused of moral turpitude in the Investment Center affair in which he was convicted of breach of trust.


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"I want to be very cautious because I haven't read the full verdict. I find it hard to understand from the summary how $450,000 which are unaccounted for, and which were not reported to the state comptroller yielded an acquittal? I don't get it.


"There is no doubt that this case should have been brought before a court, and if it hadn't there would have been a major outcry. Lessons will definitely be drawn and this will result in no indictments against senior public servants in the coming days – out of fear."

אולמרט. הפרקליטה קראה להטיל קלון (צילום: AFP)

Olmert. Will he face moral turpitude? (Photo: AFP)


Savidor-Goldenzweig continued, "The court ruled that Mr. Olmert received $450,000. And I ask you – who here has received $450,000? Who gets these kinds of sums without knowing? I come from a public figure's house. My father was the Knesset speaker (Menachem Savidor). He knew about every penny he got, about which account paid for his travels abroad and which account paid for every expense."


"What is it with people going abroad and not knowing what happens in their accounts?!," she wondered. "With all due respect…an indictment had to be filed. I didn't see any real criticism of the prosecution in the summary. On the contrary."


'Low point for prosecution'

A senior member of Olmert's defense team said in response, "I am sorry to report that this is the face of our State Prosecutor's Office – passes judgment based on headlines and false bits of information. The attorney's style more resembles that of a 12-year-old talkbacker than a level-headed legalist."


He added, "It’s amazing how in 30 minutes of reading several dozens of pages Savidor disqualifies four years of work by three experienced district judges. This is another low point in Moshe Lador's State Prosecutor's Office."


Ehud Olmert's communications director, Amir Dan, said: "It's a shame that members of the prosecution, whose job it is to criticize others and point a finger cannot internalize such criticism when it is directed at them, and instead of making the necessary changes would rather be on the offensive when the criticism comes from the court itself.


"Sadly the prosecution honors the court's decisions only when they match up with their position and each time the court rules against it, it acts as if it is above the court."


The indictments in the Rishon Tours, Talansky Case and Investment Center affairs were prepared by the Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office. The Holyland case in which Olmert is one of the defendants is being handled by the Tel Aviv Prosecutor's Office. On Wednesday, the prosecution said they will not reexamine the case following Olmert's acquittal in the Rishon Tours and Talansky cases.


Deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri also addressed the Bar Association Conference and said that it should be examined whether there is room to draw lessons following the verdict. He rejected the calls for State Prosecutor Moshe Lador's resignation.




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