Women's pictures covered with stickers

Shaare Zedek: Women's pictures covered by stickers

Woman discovers orthopedic products store in Jerusalem hospital covers up pictures of women on products due to haredi clientele

Owners of an orthopedic products store in the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem recently covered products with pictures of women on them with stickers in response to requests made by certain customers.


Dana Kaduri, 30, recently visited the hospital and upon entering the store noticed that products that had women on them were covered.


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"I wanted to purchase an elastic bandage for my hands," she said, when I looked at the products I discovered that the pictures of the women were all covered with stickers – including their faces and the rest of the body. Every sign of the female form was removed. When I brought it to the salesman's attention, he responded that he was not the owner."  

מדבקות המצניעות נשים (צילום: דנה כדורי)

No women allowed (Photo: Dana Kaduri)


The store owner explained: "Eisler Orthopedic-pharm respects different sectors of the population; secular national religious and haredi. As our branch also supplies its services to the haredi public and as the issue is fundamental to them and does not hurt the professionalism of the services we provide, we agreed to the request of some of our customers to cover the pictures.


It was not done to offend women in any way shape or form, the owner said adding: "It has nothing to do with the hospital."


Kaduri works as a parliamentary assistant to Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) who highlighted the issue on his Facebook page where he said: "The exclusion of women from the public sphere expressed through hiding and acts of vandalism against pictures of women stems from the opinion that the woman is an impure creature, that by looking at it, or hearing its voice, innocent men could be led to sin…" 

לאן נעלמה התמונה? (צילום: נועם (דבול) דביר)

Men's products remain untouched


He claimed "This is a distorted approach that has no place in a free society. The degradation of women not only shames them and dishonors them. It also blocks them professionally and leads to violence against them."


Shaare Zedek said in response that the store was licensed to an external operator, but promised: "We will examine the claims and act accordingly."




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