LAU missile
Photo: Sharon Police

Taibe crime wars: Lau missile fired at resident's house

Residents in Arab town of Taibe were shocked to be awakened by explosions with local violence hitting new levels as Lau missile explodes near resident's house

A LAU missile was fired in Taibe in the early hours of Friday morning, hitting a house in the city. Local violence escalated further as local reported gun fights in the streets and loud explosions.


The gunfire was heard just a short while before Friday morning prayers, the last for this year's Ramadan fast. "Bursts of gunfire rang out and I realized by the noise that it was a gunfight, some of which sounded close by and some farther away, in response," one resident reported.


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"We also heard different kinds of explosions, and one big one, that's when we understood a LAU missile was fired."


Residents who were at local mosques when the violence occurred felt they were under threat: "Even after prayers were over we were afraid to go out on the streets and go home. Many children were alarmed and scared; we told them not to leave the mosque so they wouldn't get hurt."


When the gunfire subsided the worshippers realized the gunfight was over and "dared to leave the mosque to go home, but we were concerned."


According to residents, the missile did not hit the target the criminals were aiming for, instead it hit another house's outer wall. The residents of the damaged house are said to be normative citizens unconnected with the criminals.


Residents were dumbfounded over the fact that missiles were being fired in the middle of the city: "It is inconceivable."


Sharon Police said in response that "Following an explosion heard in the early hours of the morning police arrived at the scene and located a site with remnants of explosives which are now being examined at the crime investigation labs."




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