Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah
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Report: Senior Hezbollah official flees to Israel
Al-Arabiya reports Hassan Fahes, 29, defected and crossed border into Israel with classified docs and $5 million after questioning
A senior technical manager for Hezbollah has defected and fled to Israel bringing with him classified documents, maps and some $5 million in stolen funds, Al-Arabiya reported this weekend. The report could not be verified.


According to the report, which quoted Hezbollah officials, telecommunications engineer Hassan Fahes, 29, was in charge of setting up the group's operational communications networks.


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A month ago, he was arrested at the Beirut airport and taken in for questioning together with four other Hezbollah members suspected of embezzlement and collaboration with Israel.


The arrest was made possible due to the joint work of Hezbollah and the Iranian intelligence agency. Since 2009, more than 100 Lebanese citizens were arrested on suspicion they collaborated with Israel.


According to the Al-Arabiya report, Fahes managed to flee Lebanon after his arrest and crossed the border into Israel.




First published: 10.13.12, 19:25
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