Mahmoud Abu Quider
Photo: Shin Bet Publicity
Samah Abu Quider
Photo: Shin Bet Publicity

2 Bedouins confess to plotting terror attacks

Negev brothers indicted for planning to mount suicide bombings, fire rockets on Israeli targets

Two Bedouin brothers from the Negev are being indicted for plotting to carry out terror attacks on Israeli soil, according records unsealed on Sunday.


Mahmoud Abu Quider, 24, has confessed during a Shin Bet interrogation that he and his brother, Samah, 21, planned to fire rockets, mount a suicide bombing at the Beersheba central bus station and attack various other targets.


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According to the security service, the older sibling collected intel on the designated targets and even looked into buying a car because one of the schemes called for the assailants to run over pedestrians.


Two other individuals, one of whom is an IDF soldier, are suspected of providing the would-be terrorists with stolen military equipment in return for drugs.


Instructions found online

Mahmoud Abu Quider also admitted to devising pipe bombs using instructions he found on the Internet. He tested some of the bombs in open areas and intended to use the others to target police forces that would arrive to raze homes that were illegally built by Bedouins in the Negev.


The police have also found instructions on how to make rockets stored on his computer, as well as the required materials lying around his home.


Mahmoud Abu Quider further said he gave an IDF soldier drugs in return for ammunition. The two conspired to steal a rifle from the soldier's base, but the plan was foiled by fellow soldiers.


Samah Abu Quider, the younger brother, confessed to being involved in creating the explosive devices that they planned to use against the security forces, whom the siblings feared would raze their home. He also said he helped hide the stolen ammunition and was aware of his brother's illicit ties with the soldier.


Officials in the defense establishment stressed the severity of the case, which exposed a conspiracy by Israeli citizens to carry out attacks against civilians and security services on Israeli soil.




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