Victim remains positive

Nazareth acid attack victim recalls assault

Girl, 16, says suspect assaulted her because she refused his marriage proposal. 'I never thought he would realize his threats,' she says

The teenage girl from Nazareth who was assaulted with acid has been discharged from the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa having regained partial vision in one eye.


She is now staying with relatives in a village in the Galilee. "It all happened because he wanted to marry me and I said no," the 16-year-old explained the incident which changed her life.


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"The day I was injured he threatened me and said: 'If you don't agree to marry me I'll hurt you or shoot you and burn you'. I never expected him to realize his threats."


Recalling the day of the attack, she said, "I went to bed. At 11 pm he approached my bedroom window, opening and shutting it three times. I got up to see what was going on and then he poured the acid."

הנערה בבית קרוביה. "לא ציפיתי שהוא יבצע את האיומים" (צילום: אתר אלערב)

Girl in relatives' house. 'I never expected him to realize his threats' (Photo:


The teen noted that the suspect had visited the house many times asking to marry her. "I always said no. One of the times he pulled out a bullet and said: 'I'll use this to kill you if you don't marry me.'"


She further noted that the suspect continued threatening her for a long time taking advantage of the times her mother was out of the house.


According to the indictment filed against the suspect, he assaulted the victim after learning that she was engaged to be married.


The teen says that she was meant to get married a week after the assault. "After I finish all my treatments I want to celebrate my engagement.


"The most important thing for me is that the suspect stays in jail because it slowly helps me forget the incident. I've really missed going school; in a couple of days I will go back without fearing anyone."


Despite the terrible ordeal she's undergone, she remains positive. "Today I am healthy and I have self confidence which allows me to deal with all the hardships I've gone through."



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