Photo: Orna Levi, Social Justice
Protesters in Tel Aviv
Photo: Orna Levi, Social Justice

MKs join public protest against budget

Members of Knesset address Lapid's proposed budget, join protesters, insist protests will persist if budget passes

"This protest is nothing like what we saw in 2011. It's fiercer, more political. After two years of a change in perception, the public no longer falls for the bluff," MK Stav Shaffir said Sunday, after she joined protesters Saturday, crying out against austerity measures which will take effect if Finance Minister Yair Lapid's budget proposal gains the State's approval.


Shaffir, one of the leaders of the 2011 protests, added "If Lapid continues to look for money in the emptying pockets of the middle and lower classes, he will see the public go out on the streets again, this time angrier, smarter and stronger. This public has power in the Knesset now."


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According to Shaffir, if Lapid's budget is approved, a new wave of protests is expected. "The public recognizes the intolerable lack of responsibility reflected in this budget. A budget that persists with the same economic policy led by Benjamin Netanyahu – a policy that led to the deficit.  

ח"כ שפיר. "הפעם אנחנו פועלים מבפנים ומבחוץ" (צילום: מוטי קמחי)

MK Stav Shaffir in Tel Aviv protest (Photo: Motti Kimchi)


"Like Netanyahu, Lapid is afraid to hurt the small group of tycoons and is willing to give up on all of us for them. Our message is clear – go back on this budget. You can still fix this."


MK Ayelet Shaked (Habayit Hayehudi) noted that "The protesters are right. There should have been changes in the budgetary pension and reforms in the ports, the Israel Electric Corporation and major unions. It is wrong that income tax was raised for everybody.


"There should have been bigger cuts in the top echelon and the lowest echelons should not have been harmed. Due to the large deficit created, it was obvious that cuts needed to be made."


MK Boaz Toporovsky, with Finance Minister Lapid's party Yesh Atid, insisted that the proposed budget will inflict "the burden on the rich and the large corporations as well," and not only the middle and lower classes. He added that the financial plan is expected to "lower the cost of living in terms of housing, food and electrical appliances, among other things."


"I believe that eventually the protesters will see the reality is not as bad as they make it out to be. We know why we were elected. We know we need to help the young and the middle class."



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