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Egyptian opposition launches anti-Morsi mobile game

Activists play to win with new app showing man running down street to collect signatures against president, Muslim Brotherhood portrayed as sheep

Alarabiya network reported that supporters of the Egyptian Tamarod (Rebel) campaign have created a mobile application to promote its initiative to gather 15 million signatures for a petition to withdraw confidence from Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, the Youm 7 daily reported.


The game, which runs on the Android phone, shows a campaigner running down the street to collect signatures.


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Along the way, the campaigner hears segments of the president’s speeches whenever he encounters sheep, which are used by Morsi’s opponents as a symbol to refer to Muslim Brotherhood supporters, who are accused of acting like sheep in blindly following orders.


The Egyptian game


Tamarod wants its petition to exceed the 13.2 million votes for Morsi during the presidential elections in 2012, which followed a revolution the previous year that toppled Hosni Mubarak.


Tamarod has called for a demonstration outside the presidential palace on June 30, the first anniversary of Morsi’s tenure in office.


The petition calls for early elections, but the president has insisted on completing his four-year term.


This is not the first time Egyptians protest in creative way. In February, an Egyptian opposition group called "April 6 Youth Movement" signed Morsi for an internet contest the winner of which will be awarded a trip into space.


The group urged its supporters to vote for the president to "get rid of him: The only ones who can tell such obvious lies and make false promises are our friends in the Moon, which is why the president needs your vote."


Meanwhile, supporters of the Islamist president rallied in a massive demonstration Friday in a show of force against his opponents.


Demonstrators gathered in a main boulevard near Cairo's presidential palace, many with their fists raised, carrying pictures of President Mohammed Morsi and chanting religious slogans.


"Islamic, Islamic despite the secularists," shouted the crowd, underscoring the religious flavor of the demonstration.


"God choose for us Mohammed Morsi," a top Brotherhood leader, Massoud el-Sabhi, told the president's supporters, many of whom were bused to the Egyptian capital from far-flung provinces.


AP contributed to this report



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