Dorit: 'The fear was paralyzing'

Lawyer: Yaakov Felician raped me

Lawyer who claims brother of Barnoar shooting suspect raped her speaks for first time, denying claims of opportunism, pointing finger at media, legal system: 'If a male lawyer get violently beaten then the system stands behind him'

"I kept saying 'stop it, stop it.' I begged him to stop but he wouldn't, I was terrified for my life." Dorit (alias), a criminal defense lawyer, who claims that Yaakov Felician – the brother of Hagai Felician, the main suspect in the Barnoar shooting whose remand was extended until Thursday – raped her two weeks ago speaks to Ynet for an exclusive interview.


"He used force, I have bruises all over my body. No sexual contact was consensual, he just brutally raped me," she said.


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During a hearing held in a bid to extend Yaakov Felician's remand, it was revealed that the incident allegedly took place when Dorit arrived at Felician's work place, where he is currently under house arrest, in an attempt to secure the job of representing him in the Barnoar case.


Felician's lawyers claim that it was she who initiated the meetings and that the decision to press charges came about only after she lost the case to another lawyer.


In an interview to Ynet, Dorit attempts to dispel any such argument, claiming their relations were strictly professional and that Felician had tricked her by inviting her to his place under the guise of working on the case.


I was shaking all over

"I went to meet him while he was under house arrest, this is neither the first nor last time a defense lawyer visits a client or potential client who is under house arrest."


Two such meetings took place, and according to her, after the second time, Felician called her and said "lets do business." But when she arrived he overtook her.


Afterwards, Felician let her go. "I entered my car shaking, understanding I had just survived a rape. I just fell apart and began screaming and crying. I was shaking all over."


According to her, it was clear to her that she needed medical attention, however, at the time, she says she was too frightened to lodge a police complaint. "The fear was paralyzing."


En route to the hospital, immediately after the horrific incident, she recalls deciding not to file a complaint: "I knew that if someone in my family or one of my friends would know they would file a complaint in my name. They can't understand the fear. So I didn't call anyone."


After arriving at the hospital she informed the medical staff of her situation. They in turn alerted the police and immediately administered a rape kit, the results of which she hopes will shoot down Felician's lawyers' attempt to disqualify her claims.


Afterwards, the police officer suggested she launch an initial, anonymous complaint and after meeting a social worker – which Dorit described as amazing – she agreed.


"I was still very frightened, they are a criminal family," she said, adding the police officer agreed with her that the situation was indeed dangerous.


In Felicians's defense, his lawyers claim that three hours after the alleged rape Dorit supposedly sent their client a text message, at the time she claims she was undergoing a rape kit, thus supposedly disproving her claim.


"It is a shame the media eats up such dribble," Dorit said, further pointing a blaming finger at the legal system which she claims leaked the story and her details.


'If a male lawyer gets violently beaten then the system stands behind him, but a female criminal defense lawyer gets raped then she has to suffer a lynch."


During a hearing regarding the extension of remand held Sunday for Felician, the police said a polygraph test revealed he was speaking the truth.


During the hearing, Felician said: "They're playing with my life. The police should put the woman (Dorit) through a polygraph."



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