Photo: Shuli Anconina
IDF soldier in Golan Heights
Photo: Shuli Anconina

25 Syrian mortars hit Golan Heights; no injuries

Mortar shells explode in open area near border fence; no injuries, damage reported. IDF says mortars result of Syrian stray fire

Some 25 mortar shells exploded in Israeli territory Tuesday. The IDF said the firing was part of Syrian infighting involving rebels and army forces in the village of Al-Madriya. The mortars hit open area and no damage or injuries were reported.


The clashes subsided Tuesday afternoon and Israel has so far not launched military retaliation, as sources with the IDF estimated that the mortars did not target Israel.


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The IDF informed UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) of the mortar shells.


Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon commented on spillover from Syria, saying "During the last two days heavy battles are raging between the Syrian army and opposition forces, and some of the battles take place almost on the border itself. We are continuing with our current policy – whenever fire originating in Syrian territory endangers us and enters our territory, we identify the source and take it out." 

(צילום: שולי אנקונינה)

IDF soldiers in the Golan Heights (Photo: Shuli Ankonina)


Ya'alon further noted that "The bloody Syrian civil war is still raging; we are not involved in the fighting itself. We have set out red lines regarding our interests, and the fact that every now and then things happen and we get blamed for them – well, we are used to that. Whenever something violates our sovereignty, we locate its source and the forces in the field destroy it."


On Sunday evening, a mortar bomb exploded in an open area near the Israeli-Syrian border. There were no injuries or damage. Both cases are a result of stray fire from the Syrian civil war.


כוחות צה"ל בגבול רמת הגולן, היום (צילום: AP)

IDF soldiers in the Golan Heights (Photo: AP)


These battles have seen several injured Syrian citizens receiving medical attention in Israel.

Israeli officials believe that despite the Syrian army's success in the battle for the city of Qusair on the Lebanese border, Assad's regime has yet to regain momentum in the civil war.


According to these assessments, rebels still maintain control over large parts of Syria and are far from laying down their weapons.

עשן נפילות בצד הסורי, היום (צילום: AFP)

Hits in Syria (Photo: AFP)


Battles in the Syrian Golan have intensified in the past few days, particularly in the northern villages.


Meanwhile, in the Golan Heights, the IDF is on high alert for possible infiltration of global Jihad terrorists.


A barrier being built along the border is set to be completed in August.


The army is also working on establishing a new combat intelligence collection battalion in the Golan Heights.



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